Sunday, June 29, 2014

when in paris

So, this is the exterior of our apartment on Rue de la Cerisaie. Pretty non? Well, wait till you step inside. C'est tres magnifique!

I just adore an apartment block with an entrance such as this - and we are staying here. Continually pinching ourselves mind.

Here's a closer view of the interior. And that's our apartment on the fourth floor! Don't you adore the pots of fleurs and the bikes parked just-so?

Our apartment actually has TWO hallways, as there are two wings! One contains a powder room, kitchen, dining room, living room and two bedrooms, the other two bathrooms and the girls room. All rooms (except the bathrooms) have french doors with a wee wrought iron railing. And we have shutters. Faded, peeling white ones which are a glorious contrast to the creme walls.

This is our living room, complete with Picasso on the wall. And yes, those are panelled walls, and a parquet floor. It's divine. And so centrally located. We're a mere stroll from the Bastille and Rue St Antoine. We greeted our friends with a chilled bottle of Perrier Jouet champagne and lots of cheese and meats before heading out to a lovely bistro for a steak and frites dinner where we watched Brazil beat Chile in the World Cup. Oh, and that was after seeing the Pride Parade wind its way down Paris streets.

And this is the view from our living room and bedrooms.

I could live here.

paris c'est belle

People often say to me "What is it that you love about Paris?" Allow me to respond.

It's just so terribly, terribly, terribly good looking.

Saturday, June 28, 2014

in notting hill

Today we went to Notting Hill and strolled up Portabello Road. There may have been swooning at all the pretty coloured houses. Interspersed with the odd squeal.

Why can't we have pretty things like this in Australia? Can we make it a law that people have to paint their houses in pretty pastels?

Don't you feel sorry for the beige jobbies in the middle here? Sure, they're pretty in a jersey caramel way - but I prefer the bright sweeties on the edges. Even when the sky's grey they bring happiness!

Speaking of happiness, is this the cutest taxi you ever did see? It is isn't it? I need to adorn my car's bumper bar with flowers!

And this is the interior. I couldn't help thinking of my friends Alex and Alastair when I saw this!

At the end of our walk we sat down at a café for a coffee and a croissant and who should be behind us but Kirsty Allsopp! We love her! My husband had to take about 15 photos of our gal before he finally got a clearish shot of Kirsty with her fabulous frock and divine shoes.

What a day!

We're off to Paris tomorrow so we need to repack our bags, print out boarding passes etc and generally get orgainsed. I can't believe we've already had one week in London. It's flown by, but we've loved every second and packed a lot into it. Oh, and have boosted the British Economy tremendously. So now it's off to spend up big on euros in France for two weeks.




Friday, June 27, 2014

flower power

Yesterday we went to two utterly gorgeous nurseries. The Medicine Garden in Cobham, and Petersham Nurseries, in, well, Petersham. Hello photogenic places.

Now, I may have had a Veruca Salt moment when I saw this "I want a vintage silver airstream café in my garden and I want one NOW!"




No. You haven't.
 The medicine garden is very pretty. And very zen.


 And have you ever seen a cat choose a more perfect spot for a snooze? Her name's Fifi.

And here's Petersham Nurseries. It's just sublime. I'm not going to add words - who needs them? Just drool over the pics for a while.

I need all of this in my garden. ALL OF IT.

Today we're off to Notting Hill for a wander and a shop. It's a bit grey today, and we had rain overnight. But I shan't let that dampen my spirits. It's NOTTING HILL! We even watched the movie again before we left to get in the mood.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

retail therapy

For, and this is no exaggeration, pretty much my whole life, I have been searching for the perfect sandal. And it has evaded me. For years they'd be too clunky, or too thong-like, or too black, white or natural leather coloured.

They were my nemesis.

Until I spied THESE!

LOOK - the perfect sandal. It's gold, silver, and a kinda antique silver, with a floral (padded!) innersole. And they're Hush Puppies aka the most comfortable shoes in the world.

I am so happy.

I couldn't resist this frock. So pretty - so soft. And, excuse me, but how PERFECTLY will it go with my new sandals (answer: perfectly).

And while we were in Carnaby Street, in London, we stumbled upon the Dr Martens store. Now, the day before my gal had spied a pair of pale pink Doc boots that she'd fallen in love with - and I'd seen these Mary Janes months ago online. My gal's heart was torn between pale pink and baby blue - but we went with the baby blue. I noticed that these had either the black bows OR white with black polka dots - how to decide? Luckily I didn't have to as my shoes came with BOTH!

ps: English lawn, with daisies - best photographic backdrop ever yes?

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

london love

Today we were total tourists and took an open top double decker bus around London. My word it's pretty. Everywhere you look is just something so bloody amazingly gorgeous.

Like Big Ben, peeping through a glorious canopy of trees.

Or this gigantic, random blue rooster outside the Gallery in Trafalgar Square. It makes a quirky addition to the massive lions that normally flank it. It's a work by Katharina Fritsch entitled Hahn/Cock. The ultramarine blue and the rooster are both symbols of France, defeated in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Speaking of blue, man I love the colour of the blue on Tower Bridge. This is a shot I snapped off while we were riding over it. So pretty.

Why yes, here's Big Ben again. A clearer view this time. 

We also stopped off for a shop in Carnaby Street. Loving, loving, loving Shakespeare's pub at the end. My gal and I both stopped into the Dr Marten's shop and just couldn't help ourselves. I bought the black patent mary janes with the bows (!!!) I've been coveting. And my gal got a pair of baby blue boots with cream ribbons. So sweet.

We also had to check out Liberty London - in the most gloriously tudor building I've ever seen. PS: am in love with all the gloriously floral-laden hanging baskets in this city. They're a riot of colour and fabulousness.

Even cupcakes have an attitude in this neck of the woods!

Can you believe the weather we've brought to this country? Oh, btw, sorry that it's meant that Australia's weather is a bit crap in return.

Tomorrow's a bit of a rest day - particularly as yesterday also revolved around shopping - in Kingston (where I *may* have bought a frock and a perfect pair of silver and gold sandals with a floral innersole - Hush Puppies so VERY sensible).

Sunday, June 22, 2014

summertime at sissinghurst

Today we visited Vita Sackville West's home - Sissinghurst. Oh my word - what a garden. I do love an historic home with a garden, and this is just one of the most magnificient. Look at these glorious towers which housed Vita's study. Can you imagine what one could get done with a room of one's own with such a magnificent view? Divine.

Probably the most famous of all the gardens at Sissinghurst is the white garden. Deservedly so. It's just so beautifully formed. Have a look at this glorious white poppy. Simply stunning.

 And here's the view of the white garden from the top of the tower - check out that flowering spectacular in the centre. So divine.

Every detail was picturesque - from the beautiful structures dotted around, to the ramshackle fences.

 Nothing is prettier than a rambling pink rose amidst red bricks. Nothing.

I loved wandering in Vita Sackville West's footsteps today - even if it was in inappropriate red wedges (and my red and white Leona frock - day 1, frock one). Tonight we're having Pimms in the garden (hello Athena, Cathy and Jayne!) with a bbq. Tomorrow we're off for a ramble and a picnic at Box Hill.

Day two and we seem to have escaped jetlag. Yesterday I had an hour and a half nap in the afternoon, and went to bed at the reasonably respectable hour of 9pm. It's now 6pm and we're all still soldiering on. But, must admit, I'm ready for my Pimms!