Sunday, June 15, 2014

and so to bed

I like forward planning. When we return from our holiday we're planning on buying a new bed. Something a little like this (we don't do basic in our house). When we do, we can finally paint the wardrobe in our bedroom - it's fabulously ornate, a bit like this screen in the pic above, but currently just stained, darkish timber.

Perhaps the room should also be painted in a pale, ballerina pink. And yes, we do have plans for matte white floorboards.

Ahhh, perchance to dream.

* I should note, hubby's the one who found this bed. How lucky am I that we share the same taste?


  1. That bed is gorgeous and not enough bits to capture too much dust. I can just picture your 'new' bedroom in white with pale pink. When it is finished we of course will look for photos. x

  2. My husband would adore that bed!! (so would I).


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