Friday, June 27, 2014

flower power

Yesterday we went to two utterly gorgeous nurseries. The Medicine Garden in Cobham, and Petersham Nurseries, in, well, Petersham. Hello photogenic places.

Now, I may have had a Veruca Salt moment when I saw this "I want a vintage silver airstream café in my garden and I want one NOW!"




No. You haven't.
 The medicine garden is very pretty. And very zen.


 And have you ever seen a cat choose a more perfect spot for a snooze? Her name's Fifi.

And here's Petersham Nurseries. It's just sublime. I'm not going to add words - who needs them? Just drool over the pics for a while.

I need all of this in my garden. ALL OF IT.

Today we're off to Notting Hill for a wander and a shop. It's a bit grey today, and we had rain overnight. But I shan't let that dampen my spirits. It's NOTTING HILL! We even watched the movie again before we left to get in the mood.


  1. There's is nothing better than English summer flowers. When I moved back to Sydney I thought I'd never love our greige bush again... but here I am, living in bushburbia and thinking it's the bee's knees. But yeah, I still dream of an English country garden. X

  2. English gardens! The! Best!

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