Saturday, June 21, 2014

greetings from sunny london

Well hello! We've touched down in London after what felt like 9 million hours of travel. The weather's a glorious 24 degrees, strawberries look like this and are red the whole way through and we're starting off on five weeks of adventure.

I'm ridiculously excited.

I'm not sure what's in store for the weekend. Picnicing certainly. Wandering around nearby villages is a must. And many, many pics will be taken and much delicious fruit will be eaten. Seriously, this is like the fruit of my childhood - rich with scents, colour and taste.

Is it actually possible to eat too much fruit?

I shall report back later...


  1. Oh, those strawberries!! Had strawberries with my breakfast today but although quite tasty, they were quite hard and NOT red right through.
    Do say hullo to London from me. My folks immigrated from there getting close to 100 years ago but I've never visited.
    Hope you have a wonderful time and look forward to more reports. xx

    1. The fruit over here is amazing Mimsie - like we had in our childhood before the days of refrigerated transport and delivering while unripe. Shall say hello to London when I go in today - where were your parents from originally?


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