Wednesday, June 25, 2014

london love

Today we were total tourists and took an open top double decker bus around London. My word it's pretty. Everywhere you look is just something so bloody amazingly gorgeous.

Like Big Ben, peeping through a glorious canopy of trees.

Or this gigantic, random blue rooster outside the Gallery in Trafalgar Square. It makes a quirky addition to the massive lions that normally flank it. It's a work by Katharina Fritsch entitled Hahn/Cock. The ultramarine blue and the rooster are both symbols of France, defeated in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805.

Speaking of blue, man I love the colour of the blue on Tower Bridge. This is a shot I snapped off while we were riding over it. So pretty.

Why yes, here's Big Ben again. A clearer view this time. 

We also stopped off for a shop in Carnaby Street. Loving, loving, loving Shakespeare's pub at the end. My gal and I both stopped into the Dr Marten's shop and just couldn't help ourselves. I bought the black patent mary janes with the bows (!!!) I've been coveting. And my gal got a pair of baby blue boots with cream ribbons. So sweet.

We also had to check out Liberty London - in the most gloriously tudor building I've ever seen. PS: am in love with all the gloriously floral-laden hanging baskets in this city. They're a riot of colour and fabulousness.

Even cupcakes have an attitude in this neck of the woods!

Can you believe the weather we've brought to this country? Oh, btw, sorry that it's meant that Australia's weather is a bit crap in return.

Tomorrow's a bit of a rest day - particularly as yesterday also revolved around shopping - in Kingston (where I *may* have bought a frock and a perfect pair of silver and gold sandals with a floral innersole - Hush Puppies so VERY sensible).


  1. You are certainly having the most wonderful time! How fabulous! x

  2. It's just so glorious Corinne - I do love a long holiday :)

  3. How wonderful to see all those magnificent sights. Envy you so much.
    Where are the pics of the sandals and shoes and a frock as well I believe plus other bits and pieces. You must show us your purchases so we can enjoy them with you. xx

    1. Will do Mimsie! I did think of you when I bought the Hush Puppies as I thought you'd approve!

  4. Love, love, love your photos. It's really turning it on for you weather wise. I always poo-poohed those double decker bus rides until we did a couple in Paris! Great way to get your bearings AND see things from a higher angle!


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