Thursday, June 05, 2014

looooooong weekend

Is there anything that brings more joy to a full-time worker's heart than a long weekend? Especially one without netball (as much as I love it). I'm looking forward to a bit of relaxing and a meander down to the Olive Tree Markets (where I am totally going to indulge in a Doughheads Maple Pig Doughnut - yep, maple syrup icing and bacon!). See that chair? I'm going to sit in it and read. Oh yes I am.

I'm also going to catch up with many friends (friday night, sunday morning, sunday afternoon, then monday) and hang out with my family. My bike will also get a workout.

And there will be holiday planning. Do you know, that this time, in a fortnight, I will be at Hong Kong airport en-route to London. EEP! We have a six hour stopover, so we've booked into a private lounge where I shall be enjoying a hot shower and the chance to change clothes and stretch my legs.


Hurrah for long weekends!


  1. Enjoy your loooooooooong weekend. We had one last weekend for Western Australia Day. They are great for working people. I remember them well.

    1. I am SO excited Mimsie, just for the opportunity to laze about and not rush out the door. Enjoy your weekend too x

  2. Enjoy your long weekend, it sounds pretty good especially that doughnut!


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