Monday, June 09, 2014

meal planning monday

Guys, this is my last full-week at home before we head off overseas, and the housesitters come and look after m house. Eeep! I *think* we're organised. Ish. Well, our passports are up-to-date, we've booked all the accommodation and travel that we need and I've packed my bag! So here's what we'll be eating this week:

monday: I'm down in Sydney visiting friends, so I'll be home late-ish. Shall have makings for burritos available so hubby and daughter can prepare.

tuesday: last netball training for my gal before we head off. I'll make chicken breasts with a bourbon sauce on the grill and serve with a salad and fresh corn salsa.

wednesday: last netball training that I'll have with my 11-year-olds. I'll come home to bolognaise that I'll cook up in the slow cooker.

thursday: steak and vegies tonight.

friday: chicken with 40 cloves of garlic sounds like a nice friday night dinner don't you think?

saturday: I'm catching up with some twitter friends tonight. So we'll have fixings for pizza for the fam.

sunday: I'm off to see Henry Wagons with my music-loving buddies. I have no idea if dinner's included with the ticket, really should check that. But I'll make a roast beef dinner anyway.

Phew. That's it.

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