Thursday, June 26, 2014

retail therapy

For, and this is no exaggeration, pretty much my whole life, I have been searching for the perfect sandal. And it has evaded me. For years they'd be too clunky, or too thong-like, or too black, white or natural leather coloured.

They were my nemesis.

Until I spied THESE!

LOOK - the perfect sandal. It's gold, silver, and a kinda antique silver, with a floral (padded!) innersole. And they're Hush Puppies aka the most comfortable shoes in the world.

I am so happy.

I couldn't resist this frock. So pretty - so soft. And, excuse me, but how PERFECTLY will it go with my new sandals (answer: perfectly).

And while we were in Carnaby Street, in London, we stumbled upon the Dr Martens store. Now, the day before my gal had spied a pair of pale pink Doc boots that she'd fallen in love with - and I'd seen these Mary Janes months ago online. My gal's heart was torn between pale pink and baby blue - but we went with the baby blue. I noticed that these had either the black bows OR white with black polka dots - how to decide? Luckily I didn't have to as my shoes came with BOTH!

ps: English lawn, with daisies - best photographic backdrop ever yes?


  1. I was admiring the lawn almost as much as your lovely purchases. Daisies in a lawn is perfection. I also adore the dress!

    1. There were also BUTTERCUPS! I wandered the whole lawn looking for the two together, but no luck.

  2. Well done! I love them all. And I love that lawn too. x

    1. Thanks lovely. And yes, the lawn's so soft and emerald green.

  3. Yes, it is a big WOW to all of them. Great choices especially those sandals and love the dress to. A choice of black or white bows makes it so easy doesn't it?
    I was admiring the greenness of the lawn and the little daisies made a perfect back drop for your purchases.

  4. Oh the perfect sandal...I used to own a very lovely pair of black ones (Diana Ferrari), similar style in fact, and oh so comfy. Wore them to death, never found anything quite the same since :(
    That dress is sooo you, and very envious of the docs. Was only talking with someone about Docs around the same time. I wore mine for the first time in ages and they need replacing! Should have seen an order over with you!


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