Wednesday, June 11, 2014

when in paris...

Permit me to whet your appetite with some of what you'll be seeing on my blog over the next six weeks. (Yes, I know I'm only holidaying for five, but the next week will be the build up!) We caught up with our friends T, G and C (who we're holidaying with in Paris) on the weekend to plot out our must-see, must-dos for Paris. As my friend G works as a guide at an Art Gallery, obviously a guided tour of curated sections from The Louvre was a must. And, to follow, dinner here - at Café Marly.

How's that location?

There shall be a cocktail consumed right about here I'd imagine.

We're doing a few things I've always wanted to do - like lazily wander around the flea markets at St Ouen on the Sunday. We're also planning on having an early dinner one night, then climbing up the Eiffel Tower at night - before sitting at the Champagne Bar watching the night lights over Paris.


We're managing to squish a fair bit of fabulous into one week, I think I'll even be cooking twice, which I should as we have a VERY large (by Parisian standards) kitchen. And, as G has offered to take both the teenagers to Eurodisney for us, the least I can offer her upon return is a chilled champagne and a Parisian dinner.

I'm doing my best not to explode with excitement before we leave.


  1. Oh, I'm so excited for you! I can't wait for the photos, stories and sparkle. I'm living vicariously, so have a champagne for me!

  2. Beth and I were chatting about you yesterday and wondering when you were off!xx

  3. Wow, wow, wow. I will be reading as you post over the next few weeks and turning a brighter shade of green each time. So jealous! Enjoy!

    1. Green IS a fabulous colour Francesca. I am ridiculously excited about this trip x

  4. one of my all time favourite quotes, from my all time favourite movie 'Paris is always a good idea' - Sabrina. The Louvre, les musees, marchant surs les rues - Brilliant! I will be watching enviously as you post your photos and stories... dreaming....

  5. Never having been a very organised person I can't help admire just how organised your life is. You probably already know what those two meals you are planning to cook will be.
    Do have a safe trip, a wonderful holiday and a safe return to us dear PPMJ. xx


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