Tuesday, July 01, 2014

le jour trois

There is something fabulous everywhere you look in Patis. I spent all my time pointing out something fabulous, and stopping abruptly in my tracks to take pics of all the pretty things I see. Like these lamps.

 Even the graffiti is cute, with a serious sense of humour. No entry or let's go surfing?

Look at this building all covered in vines - do you think Madeline lives here? 

How adorable is this bike? Answer: adorable.

Loved this sign outside one of the shops where the husbands shopped up a storm. Love.

And look! I bought a handbag! From the EXACT same shop on Ille St Louis that I've bought handbags from the last two visits. It's so pretty and red and pretty!

I don't think I can leave this place.


  1. Oh - what a wonderful trip. I recall my own experiences of stopping abruptly in Paris - usually in front of a patissarie!


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