Wednesday, July 02, 2014

paris on velo

So, today we had to visit the Champs Elysee to do a little business. Which was exhausting, so we needed to stop and have some lunch. We went to the Trocadero which has a lovely view through the trees of le Tour Eiffel. Oh yes it does.

My friend G had kindly taken the two gals to Disneyland Paris, so my husband and our friend T and I rented Velib bikes and went for a bit of a ride.

Best one euro seventy I've ever spent!

Dedicated two way cycling lane lined with plane trees along the Seine. Hello. And yes, no helmets in Paris, they live very dangerously those Parisians. However, even when we had to ride on the road it was in a dedicated cycling lane, and the motorists were very considerate of those on bikes.

We FINALLY saw the Tour Eiffel today. Magnificent structure that it is.

We'll be coming back tomorrow night to do a night climb and drink at the champagne bar at the top. I think I'll convince the girls to ride on this two-level carousel. If not, I'll have a go myself.


  1. So good to read the viewpoint of a Novocastrian riding a bike in Paris. Some say it would be too dangerous, but you make it sound better than here! Also interesting about the polite drivers.

  2. We love the velibs also. You loik like you've got beaut weather too. I'm a little envious if your night climb up le tour... Never done that.. Have fun.

  3. You look so very happy and relaxed. Loving the photos, takes me back.


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