Saturday, August 30, 2014

dreaming of decorating

We've been spending the day getting the house in order as we're hosting eight fifteen-year-olds for a sleepover tonight. Yes, eight. Eep. In order to do so, we've dedicated the entire guest room to mattresses (and kind of expecting a serious lack of sleep during the night).

Doing this has made me get an itching for redecorating. I think I'm a little bit in love with this shade of blue - and this awesome little shelvy thing spotted at - cute huh?

We're doing pretty well with our Happy House List. Ticking off a little something every weekend.


  1. EIGHT!! YIKES!! Wonder if anyone at all got any sleep? Lots of fun though so why not?
    Yes that shade of blue is rather special and the wee shelvy thingie too but would it be too easy to catch dust or is that me being lazy? Handy though for those bits and pieces and keys as well.

  2. Love to dream of redecorating and extending and basically just anything that requires a lot of work and money, haha, I did say 'dream'. Ooo you are brave hosting that many teens, but I bet they were excellent & had a grand old time :) xo


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