Sunday, August 24, 2014

the happy house list

I love a list. I do! If there's anything I need to get done, you can pretty much guarantee that I'll make a list for it. Primarily for the satisfaction of ticking things off.

But I don't like to get disheartened. So I am not a fan of the long list. Lists that are too long can seem overwhelming and scary and like just too much trouble.

So I've come up with a cunning plan for the loooooooooong list of jobs we need to do around the house. I'm calling it The Happy House List. We're going to come up with a list of tasks to accomplish each weekend, from the teeny, to the huge. Then, we'll go through plotting and ticking them off - and celebrating them with a very big 'hurrah' at the completion of each.

Rather than moaning that we need to prune the roses, we'll do it with the end goal of a bushy shrub just like the one in the pic above {because my house looks extra-pretty when viewed through pink and red rose bushes!}. Touching up a spot of peeling paint just by the front door is a 10 minute job - but the satisfaction will be long-lasting. New front fence? Oh, priceless!

Do you love a list?


  1. I love all the views of your house that you share, and Spring is the time for doing, is it not. Small bit size pieces are the ones I like with chores. xxxx

    1. Thanks Kakka! Husband's out pruning the roses as we speak - and I've ticked off quite a few bitty bits too x

  2. I make lists for Phil who promptly loses them. lol So much needs doing at our place but the lack of ready finance puts the brakes on doing all the things I list. Love the picture of your house and yes, homes do look great when viewed through colourful rose bushes.


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