Sunday, November 09, 2014

hello old friends...

Goodness, gracious me - time flies when you're, well, working full-time really. I go to blog, then realise that I've got no pics. Then I took some pics, and needed to sync them to my computer. Then I synced them, and oh, weird things happened (backed-up my daughter's phone info onto MY phone - eep!)

But luckily I went to the very, very lovely JuteLove pop-up florist on Darby Street yesterday and came home with armfulls of flowers to photograph. Worthy of uploading and blogging about. Would you LOOK at these roses? Have you EVER? And how pretty are they when combined with peonies. VERY!

My house is overflowing with prettiness today. There are these flowers, and then there's another bunch of pale pink peonies on the dining table, plus the deep pinky-red stocks my gal requested for her room. Good taste that child of mine.

I think that fresh flowers in the house are the very best investment a person can make. Don't you?


  1. Those roses are a sheet delight and you are making me feel envious with your peonies again. I am sure they are not available in Perth. I don't usually have cut flowers in our house as there is nowhere to put them and that is a fact so you'll just have to let me enjoy yours.
    Hope you have a great weekend. xx

    1. Hello hello lovely Mimsie. I do love to see you pop up on my blog - in fact, it's one of the very reasons I keep writing! xx


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