Sunday, December 07, 2014

christmas in newcastle

 On our way to my gal's ballet performance the other night we couldn't help but notice many pops of colour in Civic Park. And look! Yarn-bombing Christmas decorations! Aren't they glorious?

And look at this - knitted and crocheted coral reefs! In the fountain at Civic Park (with the glorious Baptist Tabernacle in the background.

I do believe that the Civic Theatre is one of my favourite places in Newcastle. What a gorgeous place for my gal's ballet concert.

There was also a glorious event in Civic Park for the launch of Patricia Piccinini's Skywhale. The vendors from The Olive Tree Markets brought food and drink vans along and thousands flocked to see the spectacle. And what a spectacle!

We found the perfect spot to watch her inflation - over the Civic Fountain - it made for utterly glorious photographs against the twilight sky.

The skywhale requires perfect conditions for flight. No rain, and barely any wind. We had a still breeze. She rose, she hovered, she turned, and she collapsed. What a piece of performance art.

Just like the whales that live in our oceans, Skywhale responds to her environment.

It's a night I'll never forget.

My mum, stepdad and daughter all went on a Christmas wander in Newcastle East. Where we had the chance to take this gorgeous Chrissy Card. Isn't it brilliant? It's the work of a local artist.

The walk started here, at the magnificent old Post Office (please let it be restored soon!)

Loving these buntings Andrew Finnie is such a talented artist.

We looked in gaily decorated windows and just took in the atmosphere of the night. I love this city so much.

Look at how magnificently the plane trees frame the views of all our diverse architecture.

Oh, and these were the Christmas Cocktails I prepared to sip while we put up the Christmas Tree. Frozen rasberries, rose syrup and French sparkling. So delish!

Speaking of that fabulous architecture framed by plane trees... This was our view as we arrived at Subo for our 13th wedding anniversary dinner. Oh my, it was utterly divine. Subo totally deserves the accolade of Newcastle's best restaurant.

How's December treating you?


  1. Not nearly as well as it's treating you by the looks of it! I love how you love Newcastle! xx

  2. Christmas in Newcastle sounds a lot of fun! The skywhale looks super cool!

    With lots of love from the North Pole,
    Elfie, Leader of the Elves at Christmas World

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  4. Wow, the first picture is so beautiful. The interior of this coffee shop is gorgeous. If I'm ever in Newcastle, I'll certainly stop by. Great post. Newcastle


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