Monday, March 30, 2015

meal planning monday

Well look, if I'm back to blogging I really should do it properly - and have a meal planning post. It's a funny old week this week, but that's no reason not to have a plan. Here's mine.

Monday: we're off to my in-laws as the English relatives have flown out. Hurrah! We'll be catching up over a spot of dinner (cooked by my mil - double hurrah).

Tuesday: my mum and step-dad are having a one-night sleepover on their way up to a Kombi long-weekend up north somewhere. So I'll make carrot and haloumi fritters with a spinach and walnut salad.

Wednesday: gal's ballet class. When she gets home I'm going to cook up some chicken tenderloins and serve them on a salad.

Thursday: I bought these yummy lamb rumps from Aussie Farmers. I'll do them in a tray bake with potato, sweet potato and pumpkin then throw in baby spinach at the end.

Friday: hmmm, I might do salmon cakes for dinner tonight. With a lemon potato salad.

Saturday: I'm going to make the most of this lovely early autumn weather and cook as many bbqs as I can. Not sure what I'll make - perhaps steak. With a big apple and spinach salad (I am obsessed with baby spinach at the moment - it's my fave leaf).

Sunday: long weekend sunday!!!! Oh my word! So excited about this concept I might just have champagne for dinner. But that won't suit everyone. So how about I do a roast chicken on the bbq with a warm lentil salad?


  1. Sorry I'm running late but a few computer or cyber problem with the blogs of late.
    Your menu as usual sounds so well thought out along with delicious.
    It's still too hot in Perth to think about too much hot cooking so still heaps of salads. Corned beef going into the slow cooker this afternoon which will last for a few days (thank goodness). We always used to have fish on Good Friday but this year I'm not going to bother (of course there is tinned salmon isn't there?).
    Hope you and yours have a wonderfully Happy Easter. xx

    1. Hi Mimsie, we ended up having a change of plans with our English relatives coming to stay over the long weekend. So instead of salmon patties we had pizza!


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