Friday, April 10, 2015

life's a beach

The thing I love most about the ocean is how the hues change with the minutes that tick away. Early in the morning it's gloriously vivid with the brightness reaching a peak around midday.

But my personal favourite time is just on dusk.

When it's an icy blue, with iced shades of mauve and pink and silver accents.

Nowhere is it more glorious than at Merewether baths. I'm sorry, but it's not.

How's the serenity - I ask you.


  1. Beautiful photographs of a very beautiful subject. I would never tire of just sitting and looking at the ocean. The colours in some of those pics are amazing.

    1. I'm the same Mimsie, never get tired of it. Never. :)

  2. Just beautiful, playground of my childhood.


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