Monday, April 20, 2015

meal planning monday

Well, I may have forgotten to write this up last week, but I ain't falling off the bandwagon that easily. While this week features an insane amount of going-out-and-doing-things, I'm still making a meal plan. And here it is:

Monday: I have some lovely marinated lamb rumps that I'm going to pop into a baking tray with lots of vegies: potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots and bake. Then I'll throw in a bag of baby spinach and squeeze lemon over the top for the last five minutes. Perfection.

Tuesday: I have a meeting after work, so I'll come home and make spaghetti bolognaise. Is there an easier dinner?

Wednesday: I have a work thing to go to, and I think husband and daughter will have sister-in-law and her kids here. They should get takeaway. Hopefully I'll grab something en-route from work to the Civic Theatre, or something after the event.

Thursday: Farewell drinks for a friend at a pub in Cooks Hill. I'll pop in for a bevvy, but will make a chicken casserole first - it can bubble away while I'm catching up - then I'll serve it when I get home.

Friday: There's an awesome musician (Steve Smyth) playing at The Cambridge, and heaps of my friends are going. I really, really wanna go too. If so, I'll cook up a quick fish bbq dinner. Served with salad and maybe some potatoes.

Saturday: sister-in-law and her girls fly out super-early home to England. So we're taking them to Sydney to say farewell. We just need to work out how to get six of us to Sydney...

Sunday: Normal night at home. I might make a minestrone soup. There's a chill in the air that's just calling for soup at the moment.



  1. All so well organised in advance as you usually are.

    Am feeling rather worried about you as I see and hear about that dreadful weather being experienced in New South Wales right now and specifically in the Newcastle area. Hope you will all stay safe and your beautiful town won't suffer too much damage. xx

    1. Hi Mimsie, all well in our home - but not in my lovely city. So many trees down. We've been lucky and have electricity and no damage x

    2. So glad you and yours are OK as well as your home.
      It saddens one when so much damage happens in wild weather. It will of course all be cleaned up in time and life will normal life will resume again. x


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