Monday, May 11, 2015

meal planning monday (with a view)

This image has absolutely nothing to do with meal-planning, but I visited housetohome this morning and this glorious home leapt out at me into my heart. How IS the serenity?

It's ferociously windy here in Newcastle this morning. So much so that it woke me at 4.20am and I couldn't get back to sleep. Oh to be a sound sleeper.

So why not get up early and write up a meal plan? Why not indeed.

Monday: steak and salad for me and the hubby, fish for my gal's who dabbling in not-eating-much-meat.

Tuesday: spaghetti and meatballs to greet us after netball, I'll make the sauce tonight and get hubby to pop the meatballs in just before we get home from training.

Wednesday: salmon for me and the gal, t-bone steak for hubby. With steamed vegies.

Thursday: crumbed chicken and garlic tenderloins. I saw these on Aussie Farmers and thought they looked interesting. I'll serve them with mash and steamed greens.

Friday: chicken provencale. I made this the other week using rosé instead of white wine and it was a revelation. It's a simple dish of pancetta, onion, garlic, chicken thighs, potato, chicken stock, thyme and wine. So good served with greens.

Saturday: I have some black beans to cook up. Shall do these mexican style on burritos - and add some shredded chicken, guacamole, lettuce and cheese. Yum.

Sunday: It must be getting time for a roast. Probably a seven hour shoulder of lamb I'd say.

Enjoy your week my lovelies x

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