Sunday, May 17, 2015

my bambino

I've always been a 'car person'. Growing up, my dad owned a secondhand car dealership so he was always driving home the sweetest car on the lot. I remember an e-type jag, a 1955 Lincoln Continental Limo and a Mustang as some of the standouts.

His love for vintage cars was passed on to me.

Then my mum married my step-dad who's also a vintage car lover.

I had no hope.

When I met my now-husband he owned a 1961 British Racing Green Morris Minor while I had recently bought a 1964 Vauxhall Kresta. We sold the Kresta (sob - she was grey and white with a red leather interior) as we only needed the one-car for a few years that we lived in Sydney. When I fell pregnant we decided we were best to invest in a car with seat belts, so sadly said bye bye to the Morris. But my love for cute cars didn't abide just because I needed to be sensible for a few years.

I remember when my step-dad told me he'd owned a Fiat Bambino and I was so jealous. These cars are just the cutest thing ever - and instantly transport me back to Italy. So a few years ago when Fiat introduced their 500 range - an updated version of the Bambino - I fell in love.

This week I consummated that love and bought myself a red Fiat 500 pop. Oh, she's a beauty. I take ownership this week (probably with a number of squeals of delight). Hubby's happy as he gets my car - a very well-cared-for four year old.

Daughter's delighted as she'll be learning to drive in this at the end of the year (eep!).

Vroom, vroom!

Photo by arleneantoinettegibbs


  1. I a not a car person and am happy if ours gets us from A to B but I understand there are some cars that get you...right there. Phil bought a green Morris Minor 850 years ago and the grandchildren loved to ride in it. My son also bought himself a Mustang in about 1999 (converted to right hand drive) but whether he still has it I don't know.
    My dad's first car in Perth was a 1939 Fiat 8 tourer and it was a real little goer.
    I can fell your enjoyment over your new car and wonder which one your daughter will be allowed to drive when she gets her licence?


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