Tuesday, July 28, 2015

vintage tweed ride: a tardy recap

There are few things I love more in life than Special Events. I love a sense of drama, and the chance to frock up. I also love riding my bike - so that's why the Vintage Tweed Ride so tickles my fancy.

It ticks all the right boxes.

Have a look at this dapper gent with his spectacular Penny Farthing. Oh yeah, he rode it!

Each year it's a challenge to work out what I should wear that goes with my bike. See, my cycle's not vintage, but I still feel the need to frock up appropriately. This year the red cape came out again and was teamed with a black dress with white polka dots.

You wanna know what feels better than riding along, on a beautiful sunny day, alongside our exquisite harbour with a gaggle of people all beautifully kitted out and riding their bikes?

Just about nothing really.

We had a number of spots where our guide regaled us with tales of this city. And offered the perfect opportunity to snap off some shots and Instagram 'em.

There were cupcakes. Mine was topped by a moustache. It was *almost* too good to eat. I don't believe that anything is too good to eat.

If I were to ever die of envy it'd probably be because of something like this - the ultimate picnic kit - complete with a fully-set up table out the back.


Dying I tell you.

This cycle inspired my need for a similar light for my bike so, on my ride home, I called in at Metro Cycles down near bank corner and dropped off my bike for a long-overdue service and new light. It's kinda like this one, except matte black.

So, what's next you ask? Well surely it's the Spring Fling Vintage Bike Ride and I just have just the new Laura Ashley frock to wear on it...

Sunday, July 26, 2015

great ideas newy

Wednesday night I skipped out of work a little early to go to a rather cool event. Idea Bombing Newcastle were holding a shindig up at Fort Scratchley. Not only was the awesome venue calling, so was the concept. Some of the ideas thrown around at Idea Bombing could be funded via a PlaceMaking Grant from Newcastle City Council.

Now, if there's anything I love more than Newcastle it's ideas to make Newy better.

I had to take a few pics. Damn my phone for not doing the view and the colours justice here. But jeez, how pretty is this harbour?

Then I went on a Tunnel Tour. A VERY enthusiastic guide took us down and explained all about all about the fort and its weaponry.

The guns were HUGE.

And so were all the accompanying accessories. But it was all pretty amazing.

There were some very good ideas. This was one of my favourites. Bags doing a Gallery crawl where you can wander from Gallery to Gallery, perhaps with a few food vans en-route, and cool stuff to do in between - music, performers etc.

There have been quite a few ideas over time. All pretty creative. I think a lot of great minds are thinking alike in this neck of the woods.

I'm keen to see what comes to fruition. I reckon it'll be pretty sweet. I'll let you know.

Saturday, July 25, 2015

country roads, my new holiday home...

So, the lovely holiday house we used to rent every year in the Southern Highlands has been sold {insert sad-face emoji here}. Finding another house that fits the bill for two families, each with a teenage girl, all of whom like a sunny veranda and an open fire, is difficult.

But we found it - in Dungog! Hurrah for holiday rentals.

We went away for five days and what bliss.

We packed the essentials, and placed them in the fridge upon arrival. The first cork was popped an hour after arrival I do believe.

This fabulous veranda was the place to hang. So warm and sunny, with the most delightful view of rolling hills {and cows} that I have ever seen.

The house is exquisitely decorated. I want these - framed French books with rather glorious images over the top. Took all my willpower not to pop these in my bag when I left...

Check out the gals' room - with sweet twin beds and a vintage world map, perfect for two travellers like Ms C and Ms A.

Seriously, how achingly awesome is the decor here? Gorgeous antiques combined with a few modern twists to create something fabulous.

Why yes, this is the view from the veranda - picture perfect or what!

Early morning or late at night, this was a view that always delivered.

However, there's no place like home and Toulouse was very happy to snuggle on the couch with Ms A when we returned.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

i've had an idea

Well hello there! Inspiration really hasn't struck me lately, hence the absence from my blog. Well, lack of inspiration and abundance of busyness.

However, I am now INSPIRED.

See, we've long contemplated whether to remove the wall between our kitchen and living room, and something always niggled at me to say 'no'. And now I know what it is.

I need semi-recessed shelves on that wall in the kitchen. See this pic above? Like that, but only half-way in the wall - and halfway out. That way I can display all my pretty stuff, not have it take up too much space and can use the kitchen island to store the dishwasher and a few drawers.

I'll also be needing this Laura Ashely tablecloth and a few other accessories in this pic. Damn you HouseToHome and all your fab English stuff.