Sunday, July 19, 2015

i've had an idea

Well hello there! Inspiration really hasn't struck me lately, hence the absence from my blog. Well, lack of inspiration and abundance of busyness.

However, I am now INSPIRED.

See, we've long contemplated whether to remove the wall between our kitchen and living room, and something always niggled at me to say 'no'. And now I know what it is.

I need semi-recessed shelves on that wall in the kitchen. See this pic above? Like that, but only half-way in the wall - and halfway out. That way I can display all my pretty stuff, not have it take up too much space and can use the kitchen island to store the dishwasher and a few drawers.

I'll also be needing this Laura Ashely tablecloth and a few other accessories in this pic. Damn you HouseToHome and all your fab English stuff.


  1. That's the thing about opening up everything, you lose precious wall space. I'm sure whatever you do will look lovely! Love that tablecloth!

  2. Many years ago we needed a larger living room so the wall of an adjacent bedroom removed. We've never regretted it but it was not for storage space but just to be able to stretch out more when relaxing or when visitors were here.
    I hope you are able to to ahead with your plans if they are feasible.
    .....and yes, that is a lovely cloth.


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