Sunday, August 30, 2015

bedroom blues


We need to repaint our bedroom. We've been here for nearly 15 years (!!) which shows how good the previous paint job was. But we've now bought a new bed (fabulous antique french style - naturellement) and we're getting shutters in the bay windows, so it's time to paint.

I'm thinking duck egg blue for the walls. Is there a more relaxing colour than blue? (well, potentially the sage green our walls are painted at the mo'). With the white bed, and the new pale silvery grey and white Laura Ashely bedspread I've just bought it'll be blissful. We'll also finally getting around to painting our wall of wardrobes, which currently look a bit "Italian Grandparent" with their dark wood, but shall be French chic when chalk painted in pale grey with white details.

We've got eight weeks from when we order the shutters to when they arrive, so we'll have to get cracking next weekend. It's going to be a laboured process - but so worth it once it's finished.

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