Sunday, September 20, 2015

oh you pretty thing

I crave fresh flowers in my house. I start to get an itch, and I must go scratch by buying a bunch. Yesterday's was fulfilled by these gorgeous anenomes - in shades of pink, red and cream. They are almost making up for the fact that I've developed an annoying head-cold - just before flying to Melbourne on Wednesday.


But I'm not going to let a snotty nose and sore throat spoil my hols. I'll be delving into every laneway, checking out the David Bowie exhibition, lolling about on rooftop bars, spending time with family and old friends.

And shopping.

Let's not forget shopping.

Any Melbourne tips for me?


  1. Madame Brussels is a must. Don't forget to see the Orry-Kelly exhibit at the ACMI after (or maybe better before) Bowie, it's only small and free but worth looking at. It is to the left of the entry to Bowie. The baked brie at Taxi Kitchen on the ground floor of transport hotel is to die for, a good place to chill after Bowie, it's on Fed Square opp Flinders Station. The Hermitage exhibit is great but not brilliant. Hellenic MUseum has glorious Greek artefacts. Top Shop is in the Emporium and H & M in the old PO on Bourke St ( I think A will love H & M) Perk up burgers on Degraves amazing! I could go on,...

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