Sunday, May 15, 2016

meal planning {on a day before monday}

Let them eat cake!

Oh, if only planning a week's meals were as easy...

I've slid off the meal planning wagon lately.

Big time.

But now I'm back baby! With a week that's so chockers I'm a little bit scared (but in a good way).

So, here's what we'll be eating.

Monday: Salmon, green beans, baked jacket potatoes and salad.

Tuesday: A friend's speaking at Politics In The Pub, so I'll grab something to eat there - but the husband and child will need sustenance. I'll prepare curry for the vego, and a chicken dish for husband (who won't eat vego, sigh).

Wednesday: It's netball training again. An hour-and-a-half of it. So it's time to break out the slow-cooker. Beef casserole for husband and I, vegetarian sausages with mash, green beans and corn for the pescetarian (pesky child only eats fish these days).

Thursday: I'm on the organising committee for Pint Of Science Newcastle. We're having our last planning meeting before next week's inaugural festival kicks off. After that, we're having dinner with our speakers at The Edwards, our very fabulous venue.

Friday: Grilled chicken (fish for the pesky-one) and salad tonight. Then I'm off to the French Film Festival opening night. Hurrah!

Saturday: Roast lamb (lentils for the child) and vegies.

Sunday: Takeaway thai to kick off a busy week!

PS: That image above? The Magpie Cafe in Bowral. Amazingly, I tasted NONE of it.

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