Wednesday, June 22, 2016

escape to melbourne

I had a sneaky couple of days in Melbourne this week. I've actually (for the first time EVER) managed to get myself two weeks off before starting a new job (with a lovely, lovely team, doing very fab things - still at the Uni) so I took advantage of my friend saying "Wanna come down to Melbourne with me?"

The answer had to be yes.

And, as it was winter, I got to wear my cape (hurrah!).

I took this extraordinary book with me to keep me company. Anna Spargo Ryan's words are just so achingly beautiful that I'm taking it slowly. To savour them

Speaking of savouring...

I caught an earlier flight than my friend, so I made straight for Degraves laneway and went to Degraves Espresso for this utterly delicious slow-cooked ragu.

Deadset, it was one of the most exquisite sauces I've ever tasted. Rich, decadent and divine.

I got tremendously lost on a tram, then on foot, and finally found my way to the hotel. One gin and tonic the size of my head later we checked in, then caught up with an old uni friend and her partner in their new pad. He cooked dinner, we drank wine and chatted.

It was perfection.

The next day I caught the train to have coffee with my baby bro, mum and step dad. Then mum and I caught the train in to the city where I gazed in wonder at the extraordinary ceiling and chimney structure inside Melbourne Central.

Isn't it something!

I had to buy big at Sephora to make it up to my gal for leaving her alone for a couple of days (well, not alone, my husband was here!). So what better way to make it up to a sixteen-year-old than with French make-up? (I may have purchased a few pretties for myself...)

We checked out 200 years of Fashion at the National Gallery of Victoria and marvelled at the handiwork and incredibly teeny-tiny sizes of women 100+ years ago.  As mum spent most of her younger years making her own clothes it was great to check out the handiwork together and reminisce of covered buttons and seamwork.

I spied with my little eye this incredible work of art by Adnate. This guy painted my favourite artwork in Newcastle - an extraordinary piece of a young Aboriginal boy who looks up over Newcastle Harbour from Wickham. What he conveys with the eyes, and all through the work of spray paint is just amazing. Such a talent.

We didn't feel like lunch so mum suggested coffee and cake. I knew where to go. Now, here's my theory - if you're going to have cake, make it worthwhile. So we headed for French patisserie Laurent. It was lovely. While we sat at a marble counter sipping coffee and eating sweets a man walked down the laneway in front of us with a massive ram on a lead. Yep, a boy sheep (he was VERY obviously a boy!). Not exactly what you expect to see in Melbourne let me tell you.

 How much do I love Melbourne laneways, let me count the ways.

Mum left to go back on the train so I checked out the Scorsese exhibit at the ACMI. It was. Well. Powerful. And violent. And dark. And confrontational.

But extraordinary.

This was cool - an insight into Scorsese's childhood dining room. With an interview with his parents playing on a tv. Amazing.

Then back to the hotel before going to an impromptu catch up with another friend from Uni. We went to a very fab bar in St Kilda before trying to perfect the perfect selfie in his apartment. Too much fun.

But how good is this pic? Just shows the whole joy of the couple of days.

I love a random adventure.

Oh, and before flying out this morning I got to catch up with my step-sister for a lovely breakfast in a laneway before bussing it out to the airport and home again.

My soul's refreshed.

Nothing like a good soul cleanse is there?


  1. Lucky you, sounds wonderful! Must get to Melbourne again soon.

    1. It was SO GOOD Alana. Just what I needed. And you should x

  2. How I envy you your short stay in Melbourne. I love that city. I worked there for 6 months (Dept of Civil Aviation) in 1950/51 and then Phil and I spent a few days there on our way back from NZ in 1983. I can just imagine how it must have changed, and for the better perhaps, over the years.
    I always found it easy to find my way around there, even in the suburbs. Wonderful transport system with their trams and trains.
    So glad you had such a fabulous time and good luck with your new position at the Uni.

    1. Thanks Mimsie. Yes, i love Melbourne too. Normally, when we go down, we visit my mum and step-dad who are an hour out of the city - so my time in there is limited. Just having a couple of days to wander and explore was amazing!

      So lovely to hear from you x


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