Sunday, June 26, 2016

garden glories

These roses are the gift that keeps on giving. While our hybrid teas are mere sticks with a couple of leaves, Duchess de Brabant is still delighting with musk-scented pale pink nodding flowers (with a David Austin red peeking its head over the back!).

I finally found a gardener recently, who's pruned the four metre high, 10 metre long lily pilly hedge by the pool and weeded and mulched the front garden. It's a delight. I think I've gained more benefit from getting a gardener than a housecleaner (particularly as the cat sheds hair faster than anyone can vacuum!).

I'm driving down to Sydney today to catch up with some friends, check out the Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera exhibition and stay in the fancy/schmancy QT Hotel (now this is LUXURY - a hotel room, BY MYSELF for a night).

My emotional cleanse between jobs is going swimmingly well I must say. If ever you get a chance to just do something for yourself, no matter how small, may I highly recommend it.

Even if it's just taking time to smell the roses.


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