Sunday, July 31, 2016

Looking up when you're walking around

I've been making the time to exercise lately. The days are getting longer, and the skies are looking spectacular! Check out this incredible cloud formation on sunset the other day.

It just got better. It was so fab in fact, that I was inspired to go for a before-dinner walk AFTER sunset. Luckily I live in a safe suburb - where many, many people are also out walking, running or riding (or catching PokemonGO).

I had to walk through this, my new favourite thing in my suburb. Mr Trevor Dickinson's fabulous underground aquarium. It's such a delight.

Then it leads to this. Merewether Baths are just always glorious, and at dusk they take on a special hue. I think there's nothing more fabulous.

The starters blocks are iconic. I walked past a house that had a fab duo of photos on the wall that was obviously a 50th birthday pressie - a kid on the five block, and next to it, a shot of the zero.

Very clever and effective.

Today was a Good Drying Day so I spent the morning washing the sheets and letting them bleach in the sun and dry in the wind. There'll be sweet dreams tonight! Then, even though there were a lot of clouds, I got on my bike.

I did my usual ride out to Nobby's Breakwall (dodging 9 million black-clad PokemonGo players) and decided it was so lovely I should just keep going.

I rode down to Honeysuckle, stopping only to take shots of glorious clouds. (Seriously, how glorious are clouds!)

Then off to Wickham, up through Maryville and on the shared pathway to Islington Park.

Two hours later and I'm home. Sure, I'll be sadddle-sore tomorrow, but it was sooooo worth it.

Saturday, July 09, 2016

so they call this shutter love

For YEARS I've wanted shutters in our bedrooms.


But they're ever-so-exxy and husband wasn't quite sure if they'd suit the heritage style of the house. We've had them for a month now and I. Am. In. Love.

They look glorious, keep out a fair chunk of sunlight (and moonlight!), and the team that fitted them ensured that all the beautiful Victorian features of our bay window were still highlighted.

We got them in our room and our gal's room and couldn't be happier.

How good is it when you finally do something you've been wanting to do for yonks! Now, for that bathroom reno I've got planned in my head...