Sunday, December 18, 2016

love this city

When we were in Venice in 2006 I was delighted to see that buildings undergoing restoration were wrapped in a photo-image of what lies beneath. So I couldn't be more happy to see that my hometown has done the same.

Newcastle City Hall is undergoing a restoration (not just a spray from a high-pressure cleaner - NOT what heritage sandstone needs!) After last year's stunning restoration of the clock tower I hold high hopes that this glorious building will live on for another 100+ years to serve as a stunning centrepiece to our city.

So, are you on the countdown to Christmas? We are. In fact, we even hung some lights out the front of the house! Blue icicles, which give it a very pretty glow. I seem to see a lot more lights in our neighbourhood this year - I think we all need some joy after a very trying 2016.

I have two more days of work before a blissful two weeks of time off. Bring on swimming, cycling, reading and hopefully a lil bit of French language learning. Yep, I'm doing it again. With any luck it'll sink in a bit more this time around.

Have a lovely Christmas PPMJ x

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