Monday, January 02, 2017

new year, more joy

Hello 2017!

I'm facing this year with optimism and joy. It's a big year in our house - it's our daughter's final year of schooling, so we'll be all hands on deck helping her not just survive, but thrive through year 12. That means a lot of smiles, a lot of support, loads of healthy snacks and meals and whatever it takes to make the year as stress-free and successful as possible.

She's also got a reward to look forward to, Christmas in England with our relatives followed by her birthday and New Year's Eve in New York. If that doesn't inspire her, nothing will!

I'm also looking forward to a new year in my new job. I love it so. I'm surrounded by people in my team who love what they do - and love what I do. It's a joy to go to work every day. Having come out of a very negative and stressful work experience a while back, I won't ever put myself through that again. Life's too short - you've got to do what you love - with people you like.

My motto this year is 'smile first'.



  1. I love your motto of the year i.e Smile first.This is the main key to live a happy happy life and to release some stress.Our body release an hormone whenever we smile,this hormone literally calm down our stress neurons

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