Saturday, September 02, 2017

Spring, so sprung

If there's one thing this kitty loves - it's flowers. Put a vase (or, in this case, a vintage milk jug) full of flowers on a surface and he's up there and sticking his face in them. Seems like Louis is just as much of a sucker for sweet peas as I am.

And don't you love how the jug matches his eyes? (oh, and the tablecloth is pretty much the same colour as the kitty?)

I've been absent, busy year. My gal's in Year 12 - counting down the weeks till the end of the HSC. Eep. Where did those years go? She's coping pretty well, and we're pretty much just focussing on getting her through the year as stress-free as possible.

Luckily we have a pretty good end-of-year-celebration planned. The Monday after her School Formal she flies out to London to spend a few weeks with her Aunt, Uncle and Cousins before we join her in mid-December. Then it's off to Bruges for a few days, before training-it to Paris for a pre-Christmas celebration with aforementioned rellos.

We return to London on Christmas Eve, where my brother-in-law and I will cook up a fabulously British Christmas feast featuring roast goose! So excited.

Then we're off to New York so our gal can celebrate her 18th birthday, then New Year's Eve in this fabulous city.

Fingers and toes crossed for a white christmas!

Hope all's well with you. May your spring be filled with sunshine and sweet scents.