Saturday, June 02, 2018

it's up to you, New York, New York

I always knew that I was going to love New York. I just didn't know that I'd fall so hard...

See this? That's our view from our hotel room. We stayed at Hotel Belleclaire on the Upper West Side and it was just utter perfection. We normally stay in an apartment but this time we went for a hotel with a suite and it was quite the lovely experience.

The restaurant didn't have a kitchen, but it was attached to this rather fabulous French bakery where I actually ended up eating more croissants than I did in Paris. Also: gooooood coffee.

Now, it's taken me a while to write this post as I knew it'd make me desperate to head back to New York and oh man, it has. So I'm just sharing a series of my favourite pics that show why winter in New York is just utterly divine.

How cold was it? Freeze-a-fountain-cold.

Christmas tree goals.

I don't know what specifically screams New York, but this pic does it for me. Honestly, what a city.

So many brownstones. And if there's anything prettier than a snow-covered stoop, I just don't know what that is...

We wished and hoped for snow and then, on the morning of our gal's 18th birthday we woke to snowflakes falling. This was the day we wandered through Central Park - THE most spectacular location in the world. Yep, I'm calling it.

We don't really get bare branches in my part of Australia, so I was enamoured of them. Every pic looks prettier when viewed through their stark frames. 

Sex and the City fans will recognise this locale. Sure, it's lovely in the Spring, but in Winter? Divine!

When you've wanted to come to New York for your 18th ever since you were six years old, when you fell in love with the story of Eloise at the Plaza, there's really only one thing you can do on your birthday and that's have an Eloise High Tea at the Plaza.

My plans for swanning around New York in my vintage red cape and vintage leather gloves were happily foiled by friends who loaned me black thermals and this fabulous coat. SOooooooo warm. Sooooo livesaving. Husband was far more sensible and layered up and was uber-toasty.

New York and Art. C'mon. It's a natural. Here's hubby gazing adoringly at a Picasso. I fell in love with the Manet's on display - but at the Guggenheim, there's only one real love...

The architecture.

Oh my.

I took approximately 9 million photos in New York. How could you not? This one on leaving the Rockerfeller Plaza.

Chelsea Markets. I could happily live here.

One of the milder days...

Walking the High Line - an absolute must. What a monument to community. And stunning. So darned stunning.

Look, as if you visit New York without stopping by Kate Spade. My gal and I both invested in handbags. It had to be done.

You can only get gloriously lost in New York. Next time I'll invest in even better walking shoes [whatever they may be!]

Greenwich Village was one of my faves and shows that you are never too far from a bit of yarn-bombing.

When you take a wander through a park and stumble upon an Ai Wei Wei art work. I squealed.

It may have been winter, but I wasn't going to let that stop me from eating a lobster roll.

The iconic Rockerfeller Plaza Christmas Tree and skating rink. 

Next time we'll stay in Brooklyn. Dumbo was a must, and yep, we stood in the middle of the road to get this iconic shot.

This bridge. I cannot possibly tell you how much I loved walking across this bridge. With Manhattan spread out before us, that glorious architecture - and the vivid blue sky. So worth the effort.

My gal? Also a fan!

My family made so much fun of my incessant urge to eat a burger from Shake Shack. I am so glad I persisted. The lightest bun, perfect crispy lettuce and the ultimate meat to filling ratio. No wonder it's a classic.

People who got sick of taking pics of Brooklyn Bridge: not me.

That skyline tho...

New York is such a bike-friendly city. Like so many other cities in the world. I do like people who take the time to coordinate their bike to the cafe decor...

No food in New York lacks instagrammability. Yes, this is an icecream shaped like a rose. Yes, it was around -10 degrees. Yes, it was so worth it.

Will we do it again? Hell yeah, in every season. Never have I felt so safe and so enthusiastic in a city. New York embraced me and made me feel like there's so much promise in the world. Sure, on our last day there was a bomb cyclone and I've never felt so cold - but even though we sat on the runway for hours while they defrosted the motor and cleared the runway I knew I'd be back.

No wonder it's the city that's spawned so many songs...