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Friday, February 07, 2014

farmer's best

One of the things I love the most about France is the markets. Base yourself in a town and you can pretty much plot out your week attending a local market each day, a short drive away. At these markets you'll be overwhelmed by the glorious produce. Ripe, heady with delicious scents. And local.

I can't imagine a French person abiding by imported foods at their markets, let alone out of season foods. They live in the moment, buying food each day for their meal - and oh, their tastebuds are richer for it.

I've noticed in Australia we're finally getting the message with our fresh fruits and veg. Now foods are marked with their place of origin so we can avoid the lemons shipped over from the US, or the Mexican garlic, and choose locally-grown.

However, as we've seen in the news, this isn't the case with our canned goods. Our local growers and producers are in trouble due to competing low-priced imported goods, and whole regions are at risk. I've been saddened by this plight, and wondered what I could do. Naturally, choosing to buy locally next time I shop will make a difference - but I think it needs to be bigger.

So, last night on Twitter, a chat came to this: SPC Sunday - this Sunday choose to eat an SPC product and share it online. Using Facebook, Twitter and Instagram people are encouraged to use the hashtag #SPCsunday and share their peaches and ice cream they're having for dessert. Show us the pear crumble you've made. Take a pic of the baked bean jaffle.

It's very popular. From one tweet there are now hundreds who have shared. I also set up a Facebook page for those not on Twitter. It's a small step, but one that we can all take quite easily. I'm looking forward to reliving my childhood memories of tinned fruit and ice cream. I'm not sure if I'll have peaches, pears, two fruits, plums or fruit salad. Perhaps I'll buy them all and see what tickles my fancy.

I hope you'll join in. Our farming regions and all the people whose jobs rely on it need us to offer this sweet bit of support. What will you be eating on SPC Sunday?