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Sunday, July 21, 2013

le passe temps - c'est parfait

There are a couple of things that I love. I love all things French. I love small bars where I can enjoy fine wine and food with my friends. I love sympathetic restoration of heritage buildings. 

So, naturellement I love Le Passe Temps as it combines all of the above.

The East End of Newcastle is undergoing a revitalisation as a food and wine destination - and I think that Le Passe Temps deserves the title of a jewel in that sparkling crown. This building is glorious, and the sympathetic restoration of Le Passe Temps deserves prolonged applause.

I love that the glorious wooden counters, rich with patina, are being used as the bar. Whereas once you'd exchange your dollars to a teller over this counter, now you're served by French-speaking staff who make you feel like you've been transported to France. Yes, everyone who works here speaks magifique French - I'm pretty sure they're all natives. 

Look!  Every single aspect of the old bank has been retained and reimagined. So clever. I have a feeling that man in the black shirt may be the owner, Serge. You sir, are a legend. Look at the ceilings, with all the details perfectly picked out. Those chandeliers. Oh my. And those windows, with the Post Office lit up in the frames. When {please, when?} that glorious building is restored this will be THE centre of our city. Particularly when Reserve Bar opens diagonally opposite.

One thing many small bars find difficult is getting the food right. Le Passe Temps get it VERY right. The menu is small, and very, very French. This assiette de charcuterie {roughly translated as selections of meat} was divine. Just what you need for a light supper with champagne - it perfectly satisfied S, A and me. My friend J had a saucisson and cornichon baguette, while my friend C had a delicate morsel of creme brulee. 

It's all table service too - or lounge service. Way to feel pampered. We may have *pretended* on more than one occasion to have not heard what our gorgeous waiter had said so he'd say it again with his divine accent.

C'est parfait!

From the opulent original marble, to the superb mezzanine level, Le Passe Temps dazzles. It's my new favourite place in Newcastle - quelle surprise! It's open 7 days. To find out more, visit their website.

French word of the day: Le Passe Temps (le pass tomp) to pass time, or time goes by.