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Sunday, April 10, 2011

an organised linen closet

This is not my linen closet - oh, but I wish it was. My linen closet is a black hole, a very large walk-in cupboard, probably the size of most house's second toilet - if not slightly bigger. It's got shelves around three sides that go way up to the ceiling - over 12 feet. Sound like a dream? Well welcome to my nightmare.

Of course the larger the linen closet, the more crap you store in it. Ideally it'd be stored in lovingly organised piles, tied with pretty ribbons if I had my way. But no, it's horrendous.

See, my linen closet gets a clean out three to four times per year: when the summer school uniforms are due, when the winter school uniforms are due, and when I need to find the Santa Sack for Christmas Eve.

Every. Single. Time I swear that "THIS IS IT" I am going to get that closet organised and sort things out. And I do. Currently I have lovely piles of pale bath towels, dark bath towels and beach towels. On the shelf above I have pillow slips, single sheets, double sheets and queen sheets. Then blankets. Sounds v Martha doesn't it? Well, sadly, that's where the organisation ends and the hell begins. Oh, no, hold on, I do also have the two shoeboxes - one with cards and one with gift-wrapping ribbon. That's good.

Now, for the bad. There are bags, and bags of clothes in there. Small bags. Bags with snow gear, bags with outgrown, sentimental clothing {I just found my gal's first pair of Mary Janes - bless!}, out-of-season clothing - and, apparently, out-of-season uniforms {and two limited edition Barbie dolls still in their boxes - I need a pool room for those...}

After two hours the floor of the closet's tidy. Picnic baskets and punch bowls on one side, overnight bags, three cricket bats {there were four, I whittled him down to four. How long since he's played cricket you ask? Well, let's put it this way, our daughter's never seen him play. Our 11 year old daughter...} camping chairs and sewing machines around the others. I've also dragged out bags of photos - now I have a scanner that's a new to-do task. I found heaps of stuff - just not my gal's winter uniform. Thankfully tonight's the first official night of the school holidays - and I've got two and a half weeks to pop on a miner's hat and find* the damned thing. Wish me luck - lots of it...

* Found it. In a bag, on a shelf with ALL the other bags of clothes. Right next to the door, in a bright red bag I'd obviously decided to overlook earlier. I know... Next stop, buying lots of clear plastic containers for the clothes. With labels. I know...