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Saturday, June 28, 2014

in notting hill

Today we went to Notting Hill and strolled up Portabello Road. There may have been swooning at all the pretty coloured houses. Interspersed with the odd squeal.

Why can't we have pretty things like this in Australia? Can we make it a law that people have to paint their houses in pretty pastels?

Don't you feel sorry for the beige jobbies in the middle here? Sure, they're pretty in a jersey caramel way - but I prefer the bright sweeties on the edges. Even when the sky's grey they bring happiness!

Speaking of happiness, is this the cutest taxi you ever did see? It is isn't it? I need to adorn my car's bumper bar with flowers!

And this is the interior. I couldn't help thinking of my friends Alex and Alastair when I saw this!

At the end of our walk we sat down at a café for a coffee and a croissant and who should be behind us but Kirsty Allsopp! We love her! My husband had to take about 15 photos of our gal before he finally got a clearish shot of Kirsty with her fabulous frock and divine shoes.

What a day!

We're off to Paris tomorrow so we need to repack our bags, print out boarding passes etc and generally get orgainsed. I can't believe we've already had one week in London. It's flown by, but we've loved every second and packed a lot into it. Oh, and have boosted the British Economy tremendously. So now it's off to spend up big on euros in France for two weeks.