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Monday, March 12, 2012

meal planning monday

Whew, what a week it's been. My mum and step-dad have blitzed this house - so many jobs done it's brilliant. {Photos this week - promise!} Plus, we've sold heaps of stuff on eBay which makes me very happy indeed. Not only did we make enough money to almost cover the costs of the two new wardobes {seriously!} we've also freed up heaps of space in the house. It's fabulous.

Tonight's the last night with my parents, I'm driving them to the airport tomorrow {:(} Last night I made home-made pasta with my "new" $4 pasta maker from the Salvos. Mum and I dropped off bags of stuff and I spied a cute little pale blue and stainless steel pasta machine. Bargain! We cooked up ricotta and herb ravioli with fresh pesto last night. Bliss.

So, this week:

Monday: Roasted thyme and garlic vegies with haloumi. Yum.

Tuesday: bbq salmon and ramen noodle salad.

Wednesday: Chicken and leek pies

Thursday: I'm off to a book launch at Greg & Audrey's Garage. Mexican for my gal and hubby.

Friday: Cassoulet. Yum.

Saturday: Oooh, St Pat's Day. Should do something with that shouldn't I? Irish Stew and Colcannon mash {stereotypical - but hey, I'm typing this up quickly in my lunchbreak!}

Sunday: Roast lamb and vegies.

Yep, that'll do me. You?