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Saturday, June 12, 2010

welcome weekend

Sleep-in: check. Leisurely coffee: check. Now, just have to wait for husband to awaken {he got up at 4am to watch a World Cup game} and get outside and garden. The sky's blue and there doesn't seem to be too much wind, so hopefully it'll be good gardening weather. We should fit in a chunk of work before going to afternoon tea and then we're picking up our niece so the gals can have a sleepover.

Oh, before I go, I must tell you about last night's dinner. The most tender scotch fillet steaks cooked meltingly medium rare, with a shallot and red wine jus and garlic mashed potatoes. But that's not the best bit - no, the best bit was that after I'd bought the steaks to room temperature I seasoned them with a little olive oil and then some thyme salt. Yep, thyme salt. I stripped the leaves off three sprigs of thyme and put them in the mortar and pestle with some pink murray river sea salt and ground till it became the most delicate green powder. I sprinkled it over the steaks, pushed it in and then cooked the steaks. Now, I'm not sure if they were just good steaks, or if this salt had special magical powers - but you could cut them with a butter knife they were so tender. Mmmmmm.

Tonight I've decided to attempt to make chicken schnitzel {yes, you read that right, I've never attempted it}. I'll make it with a similar crumbing to my panko/gremolata pork cutlets and serve it with chunky home-made chips and an iceberg lettuce. That cheese fondue on MasterChef last night has me feeling all retro... And as my niece is younger than my gal, and lactose intolerant, I reckon this'll be a child-pleasing meal that'll make everyone happy.

Enjoy your day x