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Monday, October 04, 2010

game for a giggle

How could I resist these? C'mon, heels with a mohawk? Priceless! Yves Saint Laurent sure know how to whip up a shoe - and considering I'd just come off watching Glee when I found these, they were a no-brainer to feauture {shoes that remind you of Puck every time you look down? Mmmmm}

So, it's a public holiday in part of the country today, but public holidays don't apply to freelancers - especially freelancers who've just returned from a week's holiday. Nope, I'll be working today. Enjoy your monday - whether you're on holiday or not!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

let's pretend...

There was no way on earth I could possibly have posted a shoe of the week yesterday - but today let's pretend that there is a high heel in my foreseeable future...

If there is, please let it be something as Fabulous as these Alexander McQueen numbers I found over at net-a-porter. I do love a cherry red shoe - and look, cuteness, wee lil skulls!

Yesterday I overdid it knee-wise. My physio told me I was allowed to walk without crutches and I decided to become all inspired by The Proclaimers {'and I will walk 500 miles, and I will walk 500 more...'}. So last night involved swelling, ice and elevation. Le sigh.

I'm going to try to take it easy today. I've got my fitball pumped up and under my desk to elevate my leg and I'm going to keep walking to an absolute minimum. Luckily I've got lots of work to keep me chained to my desk!

Monday, June 21, 2010

pump up the volume

With another busy week on the horizon I thought these fully fierce Miu Miu pumps were just the thing to get off to a good start. Is there an outfit they wouldn't up the vamp factor in by about a million volts?

I have a very sore and sorry husband after he lugged tonnes of convict sandstone and soil around in the side yard over the weekend - but wow, you should see how it's looking. Still a work in progress, but aspects are looking fabulous. I'm also pretty chuffed with myself as I managed to vacuum and mop all the floors while husband and gal worked outside in the yard. So clean, so lovely...

Today I'm working this morning, then dashing out to Bibina - this massive food warehouse home of absolutely every foodstuff you can dream of. Last time I was there I bought Violette Syrup {$3 a bottle less than at Essential Ingredient}, violet food colour, murray river pink salt and a few other bibs and bobs. This time I'm going to venture into both the cheese room and the chocolate room. Yum.

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.

Monday, June 14, 2010

shoe business

I may have mentioned before that I don't do boots - haven't done them since my Doc Martins died a very slow and horrible death in my mid-twenties. Since then I've just been a shoe gal. However, if I could justify the expense, these would change my mind. Pretty! The zip, the ruching, the baby-soft leather - oh my!

Now, let's not discuss the Australia vs Germany match that I woke at 4.30am to watch with hubby. Man, I knew Germany would have to win, but c'mon - that was a shocker. And that red card for Tim Cahill? Poor poppet, his world cup dreams are now shattered that he's out for the next two matches. Boo hoo. Let's hope we can get back on track in six days time.

Long weekend Monday today and husbands playing in a golf comp, gal and I have just finished our omelettes and I have two articles due. I know - public holiday {generally speaking journalists don't really get public holidays - just a longer annual holiday}. They're virtually done, just need editing and tweaking so shouldn't take long. Gal's off for a playdate at 1pm and then I'm hoping to do a little in the garden. My darling husband spent ages yesterday dividing the irises and moving them to more suitable locations so now we have some plants to give to our friends whose garden just needs a few spots filled in.

Oh, and did I tell you about our delicious afternoon tea on Saturday {HUNGER SPOILER ALERT}. French cheese, blueberry cupcakes topped with whipped cream, raspberries and crushed meringues {just like Eton Mess - mmmmm} and a superb flourless chocolate cake served with mascapone that had an espresso shot and coffee liquer stirred through. Perfection.

Best get on with it. Tell me about your long weekend. I'm dying to hear about all the relaxation and quaffing that went on...

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

drawn for life

This Marc Jacobs frock is just so utterly exquisite it has me on the verge of tears {it's been an emotional day...}. Oh, be still heart...