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Saturday, March 24, 2012

sweet, sweet saturday

Well hey, how's things? Is it as gloriously gorgeous a day in your neck of the woods as it is here? Oh my it's pretty in Merewether today. We started the day early with an umpiring clinic for the gals in my netball team, so I went along for support, and to learn a few things. Sitting outside while the gals played and umpired was a mighty fine start to the day let me tell you. 

This afternoon my hubby's painting the new gate on the side veranda that my step dad built - yay!

I'm catching up on washing, cleaning, shopping, tidying etc and then tonight we're off to my in-laws for dinner and a sleepover as hubby has an early morning Maitland ride tomorrow. While we're up there we'll drop into my favourite nursery, Heritage Gardens where I'd love to pick up something like the arrangement above for my front veranda - prettiness!

Enjoy your weekend x

Saturday, November 26, 2011

it's beginning to look a lot like christmas

Well, it's the weekend. And it's a tad on the soggy-side here in Newcastle. Apparently the rain's set to abate this afternoon in time for the Red Lantern Markets {fingers and toes crossed!}. My gal has a pal over for a sleepover, and they're still asleep as I write {at 9.52am!} They had a busy few days at school camp, with lots of late nights thanks to other girls chattering. Bless. When they do wake we're off to the movies to see Arthur Christmas. Then it's off to the markets tomorrow and putting up the tree and decorating the house tomorrow {how much do I want to decorate like this room above? Oh, a LOT!}

I'm also catching up with the gorgeous Kerry from Tranquil Townhouse on Sunday which makes me very excited. Don't you love meeting a blogger in real life?

Saturday, November 05, 2011

sunny saturdays

I'm loving the earlier starts to our weekend that 9am tennis lessons begets. Sure, I'm not happy about getting out of bed to get my gal there, but once we're there and she's happily playing then it's all good. We're also home by 10.15am which makes for a great start to the weekend. Today hubby's been outside working on the garden and I've been cleaning inside while our gal potters around. I've finally caught up on all the washing that was neglected while I was on jury duty and the house should be nice and clean and ready for a new working week.

I'll have to get the camera out into our front cottage garden. The foxgloves are on their last flowering burst, but the delphiniums, scabiosa and bog sage are all starting their new flourish. So pretty! Okay, enough relaxing for me - time to finish cleaning this living room and move into the bedrooms! Enjoy your weekend. xx

Saturday, October 15, 2011

sweet, sweet saturday

Well, we were up-and-at-'em early this morning. My gal had her first tennis lesson at 9am, which now means we've got the whole day spread out before us. I'm trying to think of an excuse to head to Bunnings, due to an inexplicable sausage sandwich craving. Perhaps we need some more herbs to fill out the herb garden...

I do know that there will be some house cleaning in my future - those darned cleaning fairies have flown off to greener pastures apparently.

So, whatcha doin' this weekend?