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Sunday, January 29, 2012

sweet sunday and adios school holidays

Wow, it's the final day of the school holidays - eep! And tomorrow my gal starts high school - double eep! So today will be spent lazing around the pool {and hopefully washing out the last of the hot pink dip-dye on the ends of her hair so I don't have to cut it off}.

I've got a washing line full of random pillowcases today. After yesterday's linen closet revamp thanks to yesterday's post, I realised that every time I threw out old sheets when they tore I kept the pillowcases. So there are 16 pillowcases on the line {can anyone say Hoarder} and two sheet sets that are also going to the Salvos. I realised that yes, you can have too many spare sets of sheets. Should I need to bed down an extra 10 people I could always ask them to bring a sleeping bag couldn't I?

Enjoy your Sunday and wish me luck for tomorrow. I'll be the one with the brave face, who'll be sobbing in the car on the way home after the drop-off!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

sweet saturday, seriously

Hey, how's your weekend treating you? Mine's good. Got up early and baked an apple and cinnamon teacake as my aunt and uncle were coming in for morning tea and damn, it was good. Shall have to post the recipe, but it was just a simple tea cake and I fanned the top with finely sliced apples and then sprinkled that with brown sugar and cinnamon and added a few dobs of butter.


I'm off to the supermarket in a tic to buy my turkey {fingers and toes crossed that they have a fresh one for me!} I think I'm going to cook in on the bbq, rather than the oven. It's a big bugger with a hood so should be perfect.

Enjoy your weekend.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

sleepy, sleepy, sleepy

I shall never complain about work again - seriously, this jury duty stuff sure takes it out of you.

I can't wait for the weekend: I plan on sleeping through it.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

sweet, sweet saturday

Hey, how's your weekend panning out so far? We're headed off to tennis lessons shortly - and it's a glorious day to get out and about. There will also be the odd spot of gardening, and, groan, cleaning.

Sadly I'll also be doing a bit of work on the weekend as I've been called for Jury Duty on Monday {sob!} and there are just some things that have to be done.

Have a lovely weekend x

Saturday, October 01, 2011

sweet saturday {on a long weekend!}





Love, love, love a long weekend. We've got plans to relax, and get things done. I'm getting out in the vegie garden to pluck out wee little weeds that have popped up amidst the rapidly growing veg {seriously, I think I can see them growing second-by-second} We're going to finish off a few jobs: hang the pictures we bought for our gal in Provence, measure our living room windows and order blinds - and get the backyard looking fabulous.

We're going to the Olive Tree Markets today, I want to start looking for cute Christmas pressies. Then tomorrow we've got a 40th birthday to attend. That'll be fun - there's a lot of friends I'm really looking forward to catching up with.

Hopefully we'll manage to combine the ultimate mix of fun, relaxation and achievement.

How about you? Are you getting a long-weekend and how do you plan to spend it?

Oh, I'm also going to spend the weekend fighting my new-found urge for a tattoo. The Divine Ms M came back from the tattoo parlour today with the most amazing vintage roses on her arm - which look absolutely beautiful. I think I'll just live vicariously through her...

Saturday, September 24, 2011

sweet sweet saturday

Mmmm, the first Saturday of the school holidays. Bliss. We all slept in. Double bliss.

Sadly it's a bit of a grey ol' day today so we won't be getting out into the great outdoors. Instead, my gal and I might hit up the shops. Hubby's playing golf today and I've got some birthday money burning a hole in my wallet that needs to be exchanged for a couple of new dresses. Don't you think?

What do you have planned for the weekend?

Monday, September 05, 2011

meal planning monday

Ahhh, Spring. Damn, I love this season. For a start, at the moment, whenever I walk out my front door I'm suffused in the most delicious scents. My wisteria's out and oh boy, does it smell amazing - and look divine. The days are getting longer too, so I can end my working day with a work on the beach. Bliss. And warmer weather means lighter meals. Hallelujah. This week: here's what's happening:

Monday: I bought some rather fabulous eye fillet at the farmer's market yesterday. I might just fire up the bbq to cook it. Alongside there shall be some simple steamed veg, maybe a wee salad.

Tuesday: Ballet class till late. Garlic roasted chicken, tomato salad and lotsa greens.

Wednesday: no more netball. Phew, back to normal {loved my girls and netball, but a bit of breathing space is fabulous}. I have some pork schnitzel from Aussie Farmers - I might pan fry them and serve them with a fennel and grapefruit salad.

Thursday: Late ballet. Again. Thai beef salad I think.

Friday: I'm in Sydney for meetings, then bringing my bestie, The Divine Ms M back up here. We're off to see a band with old uni friends. Better make some pasta to sustain us. Broccoli, poached chicken and almond oricchiette should do it.

Saturday: Would you believe I'm going out again? Nope, me neither. It's a school reunion so I'll be eating out. Gal and the hubby can have mexican in my absence.

Sunday: Roast chicken and salad - yes?

Monday, August 29, 2011

meal planning monday

Okay, getting organised again. Honestly, if I don't meal-plan my whole week seems to fall apart, so here we go.

Tonight: I couldn't be bothered leaving the house so we had a 'pantry meal' of potato, capsicum and chorizo tortilla. Served with a simple green salad. Yum.
Tuesday: The gal and I are taking her cousin to see the Verona Theatre Group's version of Pinocchio and getting a rather fabbo Italian meal with it. Last year this company came out and performed The Little Prince. Half in Italian, half in English - I was fully in tears. Bless.
Wednesday: I think I have to make a risotto as there is some kick-ass home-made chicken stock in my fridge that's begging to be used. Lemon chicken and haloumi risotto you think?
Thursday: My gal's last ballet lesson before her ballet exam on Saturday {why yes, it IS right after her netball grand final... BIG weekend} Best make her happy and make up a Shephard's pie for dinner.
Friday: Now, chances are that I've invited friends for dinner tonight. If so, there will be duck confit, potatoes and green beans. If not, well, why not have duck confit...
Saturday: There's a celebration at the local club for the end of the netball year. Nibbles will be available - so I'll have a curry at home in the slow cooker ready for our return.
Sunday: Roast beef. Yep, with plenty of veg - am LOVING roasted carrots and beetroot alongside my meat. You?

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

the people you meet

I've written before about the power of community with blogging - it's one of the things that makes my heart sing. I've 'met' so many people through blogs who are kindred spirits.

One of these is Kakka from Menopausal Mumma. Kakka's been a sweet, consistent voice in both comments and blogs and she's just one of those people who makes the world a nicer place to be in. So when I discovered that Kakka's mother blogged, well, I had to go see.

Unsurprisingly, Mimsie, Kakka's mother is just as lovely as her daughter. I love checking in on Mimsie's blog {not in the least because we have the same blog design - kindered spirits indeed}. I think it's so important that we're exposed to the voices of different generations, with respect and understanding. Mimsie always gives me something to think about - and for that I'd like to thank her.

So here's my virtual afternoon tea setting for my on-line friends - with a place for Kakka, a place for Mimsie - and one for you if you'd care to join us.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

sunday suppers

Wow, what a weekend - and another busy week ahead. So menu-planning will save the day!
Monday: I have a netball committee meeting, so we'll need an early dinner. Grilled barramuni, rice and salad greens sounds like a good option.
Tuesday: Late ballet night, salmon patties, mash and broccoli.
Wednesday: Netball training, steak and vegies perhaps.
Thursday: Chicken pot pies for late ballet {again}. Mash and lots of peas alongside I think.
Friday: Caramelised pork, sticky rice and wilted greens.
Saturday: It's duck night! Friends over for duck confit, potatoes in duck fat and some kind of greens.
Sunday: Roast beef and vegies.

Yep, that'll do.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

sweet, sweet sunday

Hey, how's things? Grey? Drizzly? Sunny? Oh, I'm hoping you've got a sunny. It's very odd here - grey out the front and blue out the back. But I can't complain as I'm keen to get in and get the house in a bit of order - it's scaring me at the moment.

We're dropping the gal off for a few days at her grandparents' later this afternoon. She loves her holidays with her Nana and Pa. There's baking, pottering, playing cards and just generally reveling in their company. Gotta love that.

Enjoy your weekend x

Sunday, April 10, 2011

sweet, sweet sunday

Oh wow, it's one of those spectacular autumn days here today. Crisp morning, blue sky and a bit of heat in the afternoon. Parfait. I survived yesterday with my gal's solo trip with friends to the movies. She enjoyed it, although she had a 3D headache - seriously, what IS it with the fact that every damned kids' movie has to be in 3D - deserved or not. I can't bear it, they always give me a headache, and I hate sitting there with those glasses on waiting for one dodgy thing to come out the screen at me. Big whoop. {sorry, had an accidental rant there...}

Anyway, today we're off to the Farmer's Markets. My favourite baker in Newcastle, Alice from Baked Uprising, has a stall so I shall be stocking up. Yum. I also need gozleme for lunch - and some farm fresh fruit and veg.

Late yesterday afternoon I took off on a solo bike ride. It was nothing like my husband's lycra-clad 70km extravaganzas, nope, it was slow, meandering and just glorious. This afternoon I'll be taking the gal for a pedal around the streets of our suburb - and a few neighbouring ones. Only the tree-lined and gorgeous ones of course.

Hope you're enjoying your weekend. xx

Saturday, April 02, 2011

sweet, sweet saturday

I'm sorry, did I nearly deafen you with my sigh of relief that it's the weekend? Sorry about that. Ahhhhh, but it's the weekend. Today is the first day of the netball season, and luckily my girls play at the very respectable time of 10.45am - that makes me happy. So we've got a bit of time to potter around before leaving today.

Only a few things on the planner today. My gal and her bestie need to have a shopping trip to buy Easter bonnet materials to make bonnets for their kinder buddies next week. So we're off to Spotlight and the $2 for lots of sequins, sparkles and feather boas. I think I'll show her Mrs Woog's efforts with Jack's hat - now that was an easter hat {I do so covet a hat complete with miniature disco ball - genius}.

Then there's the usual stuff: housework, gardening, a bit of work...


Saturday, March 26, 2011

sweet, sweet saturday

Ahhhhh Saturday... After a killer migraine last night that decided to come on just as I walked into the school disco {oh yeah} I headed to bed at 7.30 and awoke at 9.30 this morning. I KNOW! My gal made chorizo omlettes for breaky {bless her socks} and we've just returned from voting in the state election.

Hubster's off playing golf, so the gal and I will do a bit of relaxing, a spot of cleaning and just hanging out. I'd also like to get out into the front yard and weed a garden bed or two. It's been raining heavily every night lately so the soil's bound to yield up those weeds easier than normal.

Now, if you'll excuse me I'm off to have my coffee with a chocolate crackle purchased at the school's cake stall when I went to vote. I know where I'll be headed next time I vote!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

happy sunday

How's everyone feeling this morning? I imagine there are a few sore heads and feet after the bloggers conference - can you tell me all about it? Kicked myself all day yesterday for not attending. But, I did have a good day. Did some cleaning, took my gal to the show and got through my french homework with Mme A. Got to be happy with that.

Today hubster's out doing a warm-up ride. He's taking part in his first triathlon today, doing the cycle leg. So the gal and I will head off to a local café to watch him whizz by - several times. Then I think we'll fit in a spot of gardening - it poured last night so it's the ideal time to get in a bit of weeding, feeding and mulching. Then off to the local pub for dinner with friends {with the husband who's doing the running leg}.

So - those who attended the conference - I want extensive posts, as will everyone else who attended. And those who didn't, let's sit in a corner together and plot how we're going to be first in line for tickets next year.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Heya, wednesday again - the day I get my head in order and share my meal plan for the week with you. Ready?

Wednesday: today's our first day of netball training so I'd best get the slow cooker out and prepped. But tonight we're having Provencal chicken - same as last night, but I have another pack of chicken thighs to throw in along with the sauce and potatoes left over from last night {which I didn't get to eat as I had to rush off to French before it was ready...}
Thursday: my pal, The Divine Ms M {a redhead: not to be confused with Mrs Woog's friend The Divine Ms M} is up again and we're off to Charlestown Square to check out some shops. While we're there we might just have to fall into New Shanghai for some dumplings...
Friday: I need a good steak. Steak, wilted, garlic spinach and some roasted pumpkin and beetroot I think.
Saturday: Hubster's competing in a triathlon, in the cycling leg, best carb-load him with a prawn, lemon and linguine pasta don't you think?
Sunday: To celebrate the husbands' achievements in the triathlon {they'll smash it} we're off with another participating family {husband who's in the run leg} to our local pub for dinner. It's undergone renovations and has apparently finally stepped out of the 80s menu-wise. Hurrah.
Monday: Caramelised pork stir-fry with singapore noodles and lots of greens.
Tuesday: Big long ballet day, let's say salmon, soba noodles, wilted asian greens.

And that'll do...

Sunday, March 06, 2011


The lateness of today's post is proudly brought to you by my hangover...

Yes, one too many champagnes may have been consumed. However, there was a spectacular win on a horsey who just happened to be wearing hot pink legwarmers {or ankle-strapping - whatevs...}. Much fun was had, and now, a nap must be had.

Hope you've enjoyed your weekend.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

fabulous with a capital F

I think the only thing I love more than a touch of whimsy is a splash of fabulous. That deer's head? Quite possibly the most awesome thing I've ever seen in my life.

I wonder if I could convince my topiary-loving husband to bring this wee pet home?

Thursday, January 27, 2011

leaving on a jet{star} plane

We're off to Melbourne tonight for a quick long-weekend catching up with the family. My brother has an art exhibition in progress that we're dying to check out - and we've got a lunchtime catch-up on Saturday with all my step-sisters and their families. Yay!

The gal's keen to go to the zoo, so we thought her grandparents would love to do that - after dropping hubby and I off in the city to stroll around the laneways {damn, I do love me some Melbourne laneways...}. Hopefully the weather will behave itself and not give me the stinking hot Melbourne summers I remember from my teenage years while on School Holidays down south...

I think we're all set. I made some pizza scrolls last night that are sitting in the freezer waiting for the gal's school lunch on Tuesday. Aaah, the return of school - gotta love it!

My in-laws are also coming down to stay here this weekend to look after the cat and the garden. They love a chance to get down by the beach - and my mother-in-law adores our cat {who loves her right back!}. So all's good. Enjoy your weekend x