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Monday, May 11, 2015

meal planning monday (with a view)

This image has absolutely nothing to do with meal-planning, but I visited housetohome this morning and this glorious home leapt out at me into my heart. How IS the serenity?

It's ferociously windy here in Newcastle this morning. So much so that it woke me at 4.20am and I couldn't get back to sleep. Oh to be a sound sleeper.

So why not get up early and write up a meal plan? Why not indeed.

Monday: steak and salad for me and the hubby, fish for my gal's who dabbling in not-eating-much-meat.

Tuesday: spaghetti and meatballs to greet us after netball, I'll make the sauce tonight and get hubby to pop the meatballs in just before we get home from training.

Wednesday: salmon for me and the gal, t-bone steak for hubby. With steamed vegies.

Thursday: crumbed chicken and garlic tenderloins. I saw these on Aussie Farmers and thought they looked interesting. I'll serve them with mash and steamed greens.

Friday: chicken provencale. I made this the other week using rosé instead of white wine and it was a revelation. It's a simple dish of pancetta, onion, garlic, chicken thighs, potato, chicken stock, thyme and wine. So good served with greens.

Saturday: I have some black beans to cook up. Shall do these mexican style on burritos - and add some shredded chicken, guacamole, lettuce and cheese. Yum.

Sunday: It must be getting time for a roast. Probably a seven hour shoulder of lamb I'd say.

Enjoy your week my lovelies x

Monday, April 20, 2015

meal planning monday

Well, I may have forgotten to write this up last week, but I ain't falling off the bandwagon that easily. While this week features an insane amount of going-out-and-doing-things, I'm still making a meal plan. And here it is:

Monday: I have some lovely marinated lamb rumps that I'm going to pop into a baking tray with lots of vegies: potatoes, sweet potatoes, pumpkin and carrots and bake. Then I'll throw in a bag of baby spinach and squeeze lemon over the top for the last five minutes. Perfection.

Tuesday: I have a meeting after work, so I'll come home and make spaghetti bolognaise. Is there an easier dinner?

Wednesday: I have a work thing to go to, and I think husband and daughter will have sister-in-law and her kids here. They should get takeaway. Hopefully I'll grab something en-route from work to the Civic Theatre, or something after the event.

Thursday: Farewell drinks for a friend at a pub in Cooks Hill. I'll pop in for a bevvy, but will make a chicken casserole first - it can bubble away while I'm catching up - then I'll serve it when I get home.

Friday: There's an awesome musician (Steve Smyth) playing at The Cambridge, and heaps of my friends are going. I really, really wanna go too. If so, I'll cook up a quick fish bbq dinner. Served with salad and maybe some potatoes.

Saturday: sister-in-law and her girls fly out super-early home to England. So we're taking them to Sydney to say farewell. We just need to work out how to get six of us to Sydney...

Sunday: Normal night at home. I might make a minestrone soup. There's a chill in the air that's just calling for soup at the moment.


Monday, March 30, 2015

meal planning monday

Well look, if I'm back to blogging I really should do it properly - and have a meal planning post. It's a funny old week this week, but that's no reason not to have a plan. Here's mine.

Monday: we're off to my in-laws as the English relatives have flown out. Hurrah! We'll be catching up over a spot of dinner (cooked by my mil - double hurrah).

Tuesday: my mum and step-dad are having a one-night sleepover on their way up to a Kombi long-weekend up north somewhere. So I'll make carrot and haloumi fritters with a spinach and walnut salad.

Wednesday: gal's ballet class. When she gets home I'm going to cook up some chicken tenderloins and serve them on a salad.

Thursday: I bought these yummy lamb rumps from Aussie Farmers. I'll do them in a tray bake with potato, sweet potato and pumpkin then throw in baby spinach at the end.

Friday: hmmm, I might do salmon cakes for dinner tonight. With a lemon potato salad.

Saturday: I'm going to make the most of this lovely early autumn weather and cook as many bbqs as I can. Not sure what I'll make - perhaps steak. With a big apple and spinach salad (I am obsessed with baby spinach at the moment - it's my fave leaf).

Sunday: long weekend sunday!!!! Oh my word! So excited about this concept I might just have champagne for dinner. But that won't suit everyone. So how about I do a roast chicken on the bbq with a warm lentil salad?

Monday, January 26, 2015

meal planning monday

How GOOD are long weekends? (Answer: very).

But now, it's back to reality, and, for my gal, school this week. Eeep! Where did those school holidays go? Here's what we're eating this week.

monday: I'll add it, even though we've eaten it. I cooked a marinated lamb shoulder on the bbq, threw on a few slices of haloumi, and a wrap each (till they were golden, yet also softened). Then I spread the wraps with humous, threw on some baby spinach, sliced up the lamb and added it, along with the haloumi, to the wraps. Yum.

tuesday: my husband's taking my father-in-law to see the Socceroos in the semi final IN NEWCASTLE! I am so jealous, but I am a good wife, and good daughter-in-law and knew they'd have a lovely time together so I'll just watch the game on telly. I'll make spaghetti bolognaise. I also have to cook up a little something for a bake-off competition at work. I have a WINNING recipe planned. Shall share later in the week. (It is SO good!)

wednesday: paella. Man, I feel like paella.

thursday: salmon on the bbq, with a green salad.

friday: takeaway tonight. I'll be exhaustipated after a four day working week!

saturday: I'm off to Sydney with friends to see Neil Gaiman - we'll be grabbing a bite to eat at Angel Place before the show.

sunday: roast pork tonight. With salads. Apple and fennel would be nice.


Monday, January 19, 2015

meal planning monday

I would very much like to dine at this setting. Sure, my dining partner's head *may* be somewhat obscured by that absolutely enormous floral arrangement - but pretty!

So, how's you January going? Super-fast? MINE TOO!

I just had a lovely romantic weekend. Hubby and I went down to Sydney, stayed in a five star hotel, then went to So Frenchy So Chic at St John's College at Sydney Uni. We sat in the shade of the majestic sandstone building and sipped champagne and nibbled on crepes. Oh, it was divine. And all to the accompaniment of French songs. Our fave, Emilie Simon played and she was utterly enchanting. Love a lovely day (and night out).

So, here's this week, my gal's last full week of school holidays before heading into year 10! (Where did that time go, I ask you!)

monday: the gal's off to her grandparents for a sleepover. I'm dropping her, and staying for dinner (hurrah!)

tuesday: hubby will be collecting the gal early, and bringing her home. She'll have had her braces tightened the day before, so I'll treat her to sausages on soft white hotdog buns.

wednesday: I have some lovely steaks. I'm going to grill them lightly then slice them thinly to make a thai beef salad for tonight's dinner. YUM!

thursday: poached chicken and mango salad tonight.

friday: we're off to Sydney again! Taking the gal and one of her pals to see a band called The Vamps. I'm the designated adult so expect bemused tweets throughout the night if you follow me on twitter. We're staying at the Bondi Hotel - might as well make the most of it! Dinner somewhere in Bondi, nice and early before heading off to the Hordern Pavillion.

saturday: bbq. Garlic prawns, chorizo and potato salad yes? Yes.

sunday: dinner at the beach. Either pizza (yes, probably pizza) or pizza :)

And that's my week. Pretty darned busy, but kinda healthy don't you think? (well, aside from the sausage - but everything in moderation...)

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Monday, January 05, 2015

meal planning monday

Well, first day back at work after two weeks off. I shall be easing back into it. But there's no rest for the planning wicked! So here's what we'll be eating.

monday: bbq. I shall stretch the holiday feeling by firing up the barbie tonight. We'll have pork cutlets brushed with peach jam (spiked with a little ginger!) and cooked over the grill. It will be served with a green salad.

tuesday: another bbq? Oh why not? Steaks tonight. With a spinach and beetroot salad.

wednesday: I'll be exhaustipated after three days of labour after so many of rest. So we'll have spaghetti bolognaise for dinner.

thursday: I'm going out with friends for dinner. Husband and daughter can grill up some chicken breast kebabs. And have them with a brown rice salad strewn with diced, colourful vegies.

friday: bbq lamb rump. With a spinach, feta and walnut salad.

saturday: prawns on the bbq. Chilli and garlic marinade. Lots of salad.

sunday: another bbq! Caramelised chicken thighs tonight. With a soba noodle salad.

And that'll do.

ps: how lovely and floral is this pic from (answer: very)

Monday, December 08, 2014

meal planning monday

Well, it's been a while between meal planning hasn't it? I've had my mum and step-dad up for 10 days so there was a lot of vego and on-the-hop cooking. But I'm trying to get myself as prepared as humanly possibly before Christmas (eep!) So here's what's on the menu this week.

monday: spaghetti and meatballs. I love this dish.

tuesday: spanish roasted chicken with chorizo and potato. With a green salad.

wednesday: beef stirfry with cashew nuts and hokkein noodles.

thursday: roasted chicken and veg and salad.

friday:  we're heading to A Very Darby Christmas on Darby Street so we'll grab dinner on Darby!

saturday: salmon on the bbq with roast potato salad and greens. Then I'm off to NewyTwistmas - our twitter party which coincides very nicely with an 80s night at the Great Northern. Hello dancing the night away!

sunday: roast beef on the bbq with a green salad (I hope I can buy watercress - I have a craving!)


Monday, October 13, 2014

meal planning monday

Bags the comfy chair! Excuse me, but why have I never thought about having a cozy couch as a banquette in my dining room? What is even wrong with me? I swear, if I can find one the right height I am just going for it.

Also, need to add painting my chairs in gloss pastels to my Happy House List. And tick it off.

It's been a few weeks, and lots of scrappy meals without meal planning. So I'm back into it.

Here we go:

Monday: gal child is back at ballet then home to study for a math test the next night. I'm going to make a salad of flattened, grilled chicken breasts (marinated in garlic, oregano and lemon zest), grilled proscuitto, boiled eggs and baby cos lettuce. So good.

Tuesday: to reward gal child for doing her exam I shall make spaghetti and meatballs. It's funny, some meals she complains we have ALL THE TIME if I serve them more than once a month, others, like this, I reckon I could serve daily.

Wednesday: I'm just going to do a bbq tonight. I've ordered some meat from Aussie Farmers so I'll grill it and serve it with a salad.

Thursday: pork cutlets, potato cakes and greens.

Friday: we are going to go out for dinner as a family. Perhaps to Scotties to have a picnic under the palms. I think that's a plan, Stan.

Saturday: first weekend with nothing planned in yonks. We might do some planting and some painting. So a bbq will be in order. Or paella. I'll see what I feel like.

Sunday: roast on the bbq. Perhaps lamb shoulder. With a greek-style-salad.

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Monday, September 15, 2014

meal planning monday

image from here

How on earth is it already Monday? And Spring! Eep. This year is flying by ridiculously quickly. However, I do find that planning helps my week go by more smoothly. So here's this week's plan.

Monday: I bought two of the most enormous t-bone steaks you ever have seen from Aussie Farmers. Best grill them on the bbq with lots of garlic and black pepper. Hubby can have one, and my gal and I will share the other. We'll have them with a salad - baby spinach, orange, walnut and feta.

Tuesday: I do believe that my gal would eat chicken every meal if I'd let her. I won't let her, but she can have it tonight. Chicken breasts butterflied, flattened and marinated in lemon, olive oil and fresh thyme grilled on the bbq. Served with a green salad.

Wednesday: mid-week lazy meal of spaghetti bolognaise.

Thursday: salmon fillets on the bqq with a lemon potato salad and a green salad.

Friday: more steak. This time it's porterhouse. On the bbq. With a beetroot, baby spinach and walnut salad.

Saturday: chicken, basil and lemon pasta.

Sunday: bbq leg of lamb with salads.

And that's all folks!

Monday, September 01, 2014

meal planning monday

Hurrah, it's the first day of spring!!!! I am so excited. This means bbqs for dinner, salads and easy meals all round. So to celebrate, here's a fantabulous floral arrangement from Petersham Nurseries from my holiday. Le sigh.

Now, for food.

Monday: gal's ballet, I'll shop before picking her up. Tonight's dinner will be bbq chicken breasts (flattened, marinated in garlic, lemon and olive oil) and salad.

Tuesday: chicken chipolata bake - throw halved kipfler potatoes, cherry tomatoes, pumpkin, red onion in a roasting tray. Drizzle with olive oil and strew with fresh thyme. Pop in a 180 degree oven for 25 mins. Then throw in some chicken chipolata sausages (they make really tasty ones at Aussie Farmers Direct) then pop them back in for 15 mins, or until the sausages are browned and cooked. Serve with a crisp green salad.

Wednesday: for hump day it's an easy dinner night. Spaghetti bolognaise.

Thursday: I ordered some lamb rumps from Aussie Farmers, I'll cook them on the bbq then slice them thinly and serve them with a baby spinach, marinated feta and walnut salad.

Friday: my gal has a school dance, so she'll want a light, early dinner. Depends on if she has a friend over, but I think we'll go for homemade pizza.

Saturday: we'll be getting stuff done from the Happy House List, so we'll need to be rewarded with a lovely bbq dinner. Butterflied leg of lamb perhaps? Or butterflied chicken? With salads.

Sunday: chicken with 40 cloves of garlic with salad.

And that's it!

Monday, August 25, 2014

meal planning monday

Hey, look at me with three blog posts IN A ROW {well, days of posting, you know…} I'm in a super-organised mood at the moment. Spring's in the air and I'm determined to end the year on a high. So I'm back on the meal-planning mode this week.

Monday: caramelised chilli chicken thighs with glass noodles and greens.

Tuesday: beef burgers and lemon slaw.

Wednesday: chicken chipolatas, greens and mash.

Thursday: mexican tonight - quesadilla perhaps?

Friday: dukkah-crusted salmon, lemon potatoes and greens.

Saturday: we're off to my in-laws for dinner. There is a very good chance we'll have roast. :)

Sunday: I might have to fire up the bbq to get in the mood for summer. If it's really summery I'll do garlic prawns with a salad, if not, steak with a nod to France (simply seasoned with garlic, salt and pepper and grilled over the flames. Yum.)

Monday, August 04, 2014

meal planning monday

Well, I'm back! It's been a week now, and I think the jetlag has finally vamooshed. Pesky thing that it is. So last week was a bit of a write-off meal planning wise - I think I only cooked once (no idea what we ate…) This week we're back to normal. I'm going to use my food from France and England as an example to follow. See that pic above? It's just a salad, from a café in Paris - but check out the detail. That's finely sliced raw beetroot you're seeing - candy-striped, yellow and white. Seriously. I'll be digging out my mandolin and adding some of this to my salads this summer - it was both pretty AND delicious. Here's what's on the menu this week.

Monday: I'll ease back into the week with a simple meal of Nigella's Greek Lamb with a spinach, feta and walnut salad.

Tuesday: my gal's netball training. It'll be COLD. To warm us up when we get home I'll make a quick butter chicken, rice and wilted greens.

Wednesday: it's my 11-year-old netball team's last training session for the year (*insert sad face here*) so I'll make spaghetti and meatballs. I'll make the sauce in the slow-cooker then brown the meatballs while I'm cooking the pasta when I get home.

Thursday: hubby and I are off on a date with Underground Epicureans. We're off on a marvellous food adventure. Not sure what's happening with the gal yet. Either she'll stay with a friend or we'll ask my husband's parents to come stay. If they stay, I'll make a cottage pie wednesday night so they can heat it and serve it with veg.

Friday: chicken provencale tonight. With roasted potatoes and lots of greens.

Saturday: it's nearly spring isn't it? If the weather's kind I'm going to do a bbq. When in France we'd merely season steaks with garlic, salt and pepper. I'll do that. And serve it with a big salad like the one above (sans the raw salmon).

Sunday: pork belly roast on a bed of rhubarb with lots and lots of veg.

And that'll do it.

Monday, May 26, 2014

meal planning monday

We have surprise visitors this week. My mum texted yesterday to say they'd like to stop off for a few days on their way back from their Kombi trek to Uluru. Of course, we jumped at the chance. So now I have to whip up a meal plan involving vegetarian dishes.

Onto it!

Monday: I have some lamb chops I didn't use the other night, but need to. So I'll coat them in chilli flakes and lemon zest and grill them on the bbq. I'll also make a potato and capsicum tortilla - with a green salad. Perfect.

Tuesday: We'll have mexican tonight. I have chicken breasts I need to use, so I'll flatten that, coat it with herbs and spices and grill. Then I'll whip up a spicy bean mix and lots of salad and we'll have those with tacos.

Wednesday: Purely vego tonight. I'll make a chickpea, pumpkin and potato curry with rice.

Thursday: quinoa and carrot fritters. I saw something like this made the other night on telly - how hard can it be? With green salad. And garlic aoli.

Friday: we should go to dinner somewhere. Probs Napoli Centrale Pizza.

Saturday: bbq.

Sunday: Roast dinner. Beef perhaps - with veg. I'm assuming our house guests will have toddled off by now.

Monday, May 19, 2014

meal planning monday

Goodness, Monday? Again? And (shhhhh, don't tell anyone) I think I missed last week. Despite desperate attempts, time isn't slowing down. So I guess I'd best just get over it. And plan some meals. Yes? Okay, this week:

Monday: this is probably the night of the week I have the most time to cook and serve up a meal - so I'll make paella. My gal finishes ballet at 7:15, so I'll have it on the table when she gets home.

Tuesday: I'm leading a workshop tonight, so I won't be home till around 8pm. Husband and child can cook up spaghetti bolognaise.

Wednesday: my 11 year old's netball training, so I'm home at 6:15pm. I ordered meats from Aussie Farmers Direct last week and this week and there's chicken burgers in the mix. Shall buy some breadrolls, whip up some guacamole, make a salsa and have mexican chicken burgers tonight.

Thursday: my gal and I are off to the theatre to see Romeo and Juliet with a bunch of my friends, and some of their kids too. FUN! We'll have an early dinner. I think I ordered lamb chops, so we'll have Nigella's Greek Lamb Chops tonight - with green salad.

Friday: hubby and I are off to Sydney to see one of my all-time-fave bands play at the Opera House - Pixies! So excited. We'll eat beforehand at the Opera Bar. My in-laws are coming to stay with my gal and feed her something scrummy.

Saturday: it's Sydney Writers Festival so I'll stay down in Sydney and see a few things, then catch up with friends for an early dinner before catching the train home.

Sunday: I ordered a chook - so we'll have roast chook for dinner! With all the vegie trimmings.

That's it. You?

Monday, April 28, 2014

meal planning monday

School's back - hurrah! As is normality, or a sense thereof. So I'm back into this meal planning malarky. Here's what's on.

Monday: I have a workshop to attend after work, so my hubby and gal shall have to whip up a spaghetti bolognaise to feed themselves, and me upon my return.

Tuesday: my gal's netball training. Woo hoo! I'll make a green chicken, broccoli and potato curry tonight. With rice.

Wednesday: my 11-year-old's netball training. When I come home I'll serve up steak and veg.

Thursday: it's hubby's birthday on Sunday. We have most of his gifts ready, but still need a few more. We'll have to shop tonight to buy stuff. Then we'll get takeaway for dinner.

Friday: salmon on the bbq with roasted veg.

Saturday: chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, mash and greens.

Sunday: hubby's birthday - we'll head out for dinner - probably to The Burwood, the pub around the corner from us which does the best steak in Newcastle. Seriously.

Monday, April 14, 2014

meal planning monday

For a brief, blissful moment I woke this morning thinking it was Sunday… But at least it's a short-week! Hurrah! And school holidays, so no after-school activities! Here's what we're eating:

Monday: we went to the Farmers Market yesterday, so there's some lovely meat and veg in my fridge and pantry. Tonight we'll be having, at my gal's request, cottage pie with green beans.

Tuesday: I have to go to a meeting after work, so I'll bring home thai takeaway for dinner afterwards.

Wednesday: I bought some delish-looking lamb leg chops at the markets too, so we'll have Nigella's Greek Lamb Chops tonight.

Thursday: last work day of the week! Hurrah! To celebrate I might cook up a paella.

Friday: last week's salmon on the bbq was a massive hit. I might just recreate it, I swear I feel smarter after eating salmon with all that Omega 3.

Saturday: a beef and Guinness stew might be in order. With mash, and greens.

Sunday: I cooked roast pork last week, perhaps a roast chicken tonight. With roasted carrots and beetroot alongside the more standard potato and pumpkin mix. With peas cooked in chicken stock, with added crispy pancetta. Yes?

Have a fab week!

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Monday, April 07, 2014

meal planning monday

May I please have another weekend to recover from the last one?

What a weekend. The Newcastle Writers Festival zoomed past in a fabulous blur. Luckily I don't have to request another as the dates are already set - March 20 - 22 - pop 'em in your diary. I loved it, again. So many wonderful people generously sharing their words and knowledge. Bless.

Now, this week. Only minor levels of busyness. So here's the plan, Stan.

monday: husband went shopping yesterday and bought a few things - including steak because he would eat steak every night of the week if permitted. So we'll have steak and salad tonight.

tuesday: we didn't have butterflied lamb shoulder last week, so we'll have it this week. With a chickpea and roasted capsicum salad. And a green salad. After my gal's netball training.

wednesday: my 11-year-old team's netball training. They'll be on a high after winning 40 - 9 on the weekend {the other team only had 5 players poor little tots}. For dinner we'll have grilled chicken burritos with salad - and fresh roasted corn cobs.

thursday: I'm going to the premiere of Grand Budapest Hotel tonight with my gals A and C. YAY! We've been looking forward to this for yonks. For dinner there shall be spaghetti bolognaise. Easy-peasy.

friday: it's the last night of school before the holidays - hurrah! We'll celebrate by having salmon on the bbq which is one of my gal's favourite meals. With a lemon potato salad {regular potato salad with lemon mixed in with mayo before tossing it!}.

saturday: I haven't made coq au vin for a while. Shall I? With mash and green beans?

sunday: something simple. Steak sandwiches with caramelised onions on baguettes. Yes?

Enjoy your week my lovelies, I'm off to work x

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Monday, March 31, 2014

meal planning monday

I needed this pop of cherry red to wake me up on this grey ol' morning. On days like this I'll be happy to see the end of daylight savings. I have a not-too-busy week this week, hurrah! Here's what's on the menu.

monday: my gal has late ballet tonight, I've got a butterflied chicken to cook on the bbq and serve with salads for dinner.

tuesday: my gal's netball team training - we don't get home till after 6pm, so I'll make spaghetti bolognaise for dinner tonight.

wednesday: my other team's netball training, while my gal has ballet. I'll make up Nigella's Greek Lamb chops in the morning and get hubby to throw it in the oven at 5:45. Then it'll be ready at 6.30 after my gal finishes dance class.

thursday: I have a netball committee meeting tonight. I'll make green chicken curry for dinner.

friday: it's the opening of the Newcastle Writer's Festival tonight. I'm looking forward to seeing Wendy Harmer tonight. I'll make a butterflied lamb dish on the bbq and serve it with beetroot, walnut, feta and green leaf salad before I dash out.

saturday: lots of Newcastle Writer's Festival stuff today. Takeaway for dinner in between sessions.

sunday: more Writer's Festival (including MY panel in the afternoon - eep!). I think I'll buy a bbq chicken and shred it into a vietnamese salad for dinner tonight.

Monday, March 10, 2014

meal planning monday

Well, this kitchen certainly offers it up in the pop of colour stakes doesn't it? How happy is colour? {very}. Speaking of happy, having a plan for meals makes me happy - even if it's a very, very, very simple one. Here it is:

monday: daughter's late ballet = steak and salad for dinner.

tuesday: I've yet to cook my leg of lamb in the slow cooker. Best do so hey? On a bed of french lentils with red wine. It'll be all ready for us when we get home from netball training.

wednesday: my 11-year-old netball training finishes at 6pm, daughter finishes ballet at 6.30 and I have an event to attend {Pecha Kucha at The Edwards} at 7pm. Hmmm, juggling time. Green chicken curry and rice it is. so quick and simple.

thursday: erm. I don't think I have anything on. Surely that's an error. I should make something that takes a little effort. Garlic prawns on the bbq with a salad. {Not really an effort, but it's something different…}

friday: salmon patties, lemon roasted potatoes and green salad.

saturday: papadelle, shredded chicken and lemon.

sunday: roast pork belly and lots of vegies.

Phew. DONE!

Monday, March 03, 2014

meal planning monday

Hey, if you happen to be having a bit of a chat to time can you tell it to PLEASE slow down? Goodness gracious! How is it already March? HOW? GAH!

Okay, deep breaths, here's what's on the meal plan this week.

Monday: my gal has her loooooooooooong ballet lesson today. I'm making chilli con carne (no, honestly, I am, I swear!)

Tuesday: I'm going to do seven hour leg of lamb in the slow cooker today. On a bed of french lentils, stuffed with garlic and anchovies. It'll be ready when we get home from netball training.

Wednesday: my other day of netball training, while my gal is at ballet. For dinner I'm smashing out and marinating some chicken breasts in Peri Peri Sauce. I'll serve them with salad and flatbread.

Thursday: I'm going straight after work to pick up a friend and we're off to a preview of a very cool local artist named James Drinkwater. I love his work - love. Must keep credit card in my pocket. Shall serve up some spaghetti carbonara when I get home - that's a 10 minute quickie!

Friday: I'll need brain food as I'm spending most of the day at a blogging workshop (as a presenter) on Saturday. Eep! Salmon. And salad. Oh my!

Saturday: baked beans on toast?

Sunday: I didn't make pork belly last week, so I might do it this week. With lots of greens.