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Monday, February 24, 2014

meal planning monday

Well good morning lovely, lovely people - how are things in your neck of the woods? I have a VERY big week on this week - no socially, but work-wise. So there shall be much pre-preparing and I'm sending my husband back into the kitchen again.

Here's what we're eating.

Monday: chicken schnitzel, mash, corn and broccoli - tonight's one of my few nights where I'm home early-ish, so I'll prepare this. My gal has ballet till 7:15 so she'll be starvational.

Tuesday: my gal's netball team start training - 5 - 6pm, so I'll arrive straight after work and help out. I will make a dish in the slow cooker in the morning - probably the chilli con carne I didn't make last week.

Wednesday: my netball team start training, again, 5 - 6pm. When I get home my husband will have prepared me a delicious dinner. Probably mexican I'd say.

Thursday: I have to drive to Port Macquarie and back today for work. BIG day. Thai takeaway tonight.

Friday: I'll have had Orientation Week activities all week at work, very fun and very full on, so I'll need an easy dinner. How about husband and child cook ME salmon on the bbq?

Saturday: nothing planned. Bliss. I think we should go out to dinner tonight.

Sunday: roast dinner night. Dare I cook my first pork belly since having my oven professionally cleaned in December? I think so!


Monday, February 17, 2014

meal planning monday

Well hello there and aren't you looking all fabulous this Monday morning! (Of course you are, I won't take no for an answer…) Now, I'm heading into week two of my new job - hurrah, and slowly getting myself into a new routine. It's a bit of a busy week, but not as busy as last week so that's a relief.

Here's what's on my meal plan this week:

Monday: netball team announcements on Monday night at 6.30 at the netball courts, and my gal's got ballet lessons. I'll make a green chicken curry when I get home from work at 5:30 and serve it up when we're all done. (Taylor's Green Curry mix is my quick-cheat of choice - plus microwave rice!)

Tuesday: I haven't made chilli con carne in yonks, so I should shouldn't I? Hello slow cooker!

Wednesday: AGM tonight at 7pm so an early dinner of lamb cutlets, mash and greens.

Thursday: pork kebabs tonight. With a coleslaw that includes finely sliced fennel. I had this on Saturday night on my pork belly burger and it was DIVINE!

Friday: tonight I'm going to the opening of the Regal Picture Theatre. So excited. I love this place and was devastated when it closed down. Community dedication over the years has seen it reopen and I'll be sure to support it. It's only 5 mins from my work, so I'll work back a bit and then go. Hubby and daughter off to Maitland to visit his parents.

Saturday: Cinema in the Carriage Sheds tonight when my twitter besties A, C and J. We're seeing Frances Ha (my movie of the year last year) with a picnic that shall include a thermos of Pimms! As for food, hmmmmm, finger food's aways good. Little pancetta and goat cheese tarts perhaps?

Sunday: family roast dinner night - followed by SPC peaches and icecream (naturally). I might do a roast beef tonight and include baby beetroot in the vegies I roast.


ps; that pic is my peaches with almonds and greek yoghurt on 'bircher' breakfast (oats soaked in water for 15 mins!) tasty and easy.

Monday, January 27, 2014

meal planning monday

Sorry this is late - it's a public holiday here today and I've been chilling out with my gal, swimming, lolling etc while hubby's been on a loooooooooon bikeride.

But we're now getting back into the swing of things for the new school year - my gal goes back to school on Thursday {and cannot wait!}. Here's what we're eating {at my gal's request}:

Monday: I have some chicken sausages from Aussie Farmers Direct, and I'm planning on cutting them in thirds and roasting them with potatoes, sweet potatoes, capsicum, zucchini and corn cobs. YUM!

Tuesday: homemade pizza.

Wednesday: Mexican fiesta as a back-to-school feast.

Thursday: chicken kebabs and salad.

Friday: duck confit to celebrate the end of school week!

Saturday: salmon on the bbq with salads.

Sunday: roast beef on the bbq with warm potato salad and greens.

Plus we'll be doing lots of back-to-school goods - banana muffins for breakfasts on the go, potato and chorizo pasties, bean salads and whatever else tickles my gal's fancy.

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French Word of the Day: école - school!

Monday, January 20, 2014

meal planning monday

Oh, I've been such a slack blogger. But last week I had an excuse, I was feeling poorly and could do no more than lay on the couch. And moan. But now I'm back baby and ready to leap into a new week - and back with the daily blogs and daily French Word of the Day. Now, here's what we're eating - healthy stuff!

Monday: green chicken curry with lots of green veg and sticky rice.

Tuesday: steak with beetroot, persian feta and walnut salad - and a green salad.

Wednesday: garlic prawns with a mango salad.

Thursday: cold meatloaf with salad (I love cold meatloaf even more than I love hot meatloaf, so I'll whip one up earlier and put it in the fridge to chill).

Friday: salmon patties with salad.

Saturday: I cannot believe that I don't have anything on tonight - after two weekends in a row in Sydney this is a very good thing. I might make chicken with 40 cloves of garlic tonight.

Sunday: bbq lamb, with chickpea and roasted capsicum salad and green salad.

French word of the day: s'imaginer - to imagine oneself.

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Monday, January 13, 2014

meal planning monday

Forget sliders, Jaffles are the new kids on the food block. This sweet modified Kombi was serving Jaffles at the Sydney Festival on the weekend - cuteness! I was too Starvin' Marvin for just a jaffle, a burger was needed after a long day of public transport - but let me assure you that Jaffles will be added to my meal plans - with a wee side salad!

Another busy week in this neck of the woods. Here's what's on the menu:

Tonight: my gal's off to spend the night with her cousins, so it's just hubby and me. Steak on the bbq and salad will do it.

Tuesday: I'm off to see a French film, A Woman In Paris with my friend C, so an early dinner of bbq pork and lemongrass kebabs is called for. Served with udon noodle and veg salad.

Wednesday: my gal's keen to try Sloppy Joes - so who am I to deny her?

Thursday: bbq chicken with a shredded salad.

Friday: salmon on the bbq - with lemon potato salad.

Saturday: I'm off to Sydney again, to see one of my fave authors - David Sedaris. YAY! Opera Bar for dinner I'd imagine.

Sunday: home again. Sunday night Jaffles?

Monday, December 16, 2013

meal planning monday

Well, we're into the final countdown. It's nearly Christmas. How are you coping? Taking lots of deep breaths? I have a spray bottle of Rescue Remedy in my handbag that's getting quite the workout. However, it's all about simplicity this year. I'm trying to tone things down a bit.

I've bought all the pressies for our nieces and nephew, and Christmas pressies for our gal. Because her birthday's at the end of December I usually shop for her birthday AND Christmas pressies before Christmas, but this year I'm leaving birthday stuff till after Christmas. Should save a little sanity.

And speaking of simple, meals shall be simple too. Very.

Monday: poached chicken, avocado and mango salad.

Tuesday: thai beef salad.

Wednesday: spanish chicken salad: grilled, sliced chicken breast, chorizo, grilled corn, grilled capsicum and lots of greens.

Thursday: chicken and spinach gozleme.

Friday: salmon and salad.

Saturday: duck confit and salad {because it's nearly Christmas!}

Sunday: roast beef and salad.

Phew. Now I just need to shop and restock in preparation for school holidays which start tomorrow. Eep! How's your pre-Christmas week going?

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Monday, December 09, 2013

meal planning monday

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Especially when I share this pic of the rather decadent trifle I made yesterday. We had an early Christmas dinner with my dad and step-mum who were down from Queensland for my gal's ballet concert on Saturday. To give us time together, my mum and step-dad (who are staying with us this week) went to the movies - and we had a chrissy dinner.

I must say, rose and vanilla poached white nectarine and raspberry trifle is a bit bloody delicious. There was lots of vanilla - even in the whipped cream on the top {and in the custard!}. No jelly, I reduce the poaching liquid {water, sugar, vanilla, rose syrup} after I've poached the peaches, so it becomes a sticky syrup and pour that over the bottom layer of sponge jam roll slices. Mmmmm.

Tonight we're having the other half of that trifle - with a vegetarian Christmas dinner!

Monday: we'll stuff a hollowed out loaf of bread with layers of pesto, roasted vegies and feta cheese. This'll be weighed down in the fridge to squish it together so the flavours mingle, then we'll slice it and serve it with lemon-thyme-roasted potatoes and green beans with almonds. Then trifle.

Tuesday: we're off to a neighbour's across the road for Christmas drinks and nibbles. I'll make mini-bon-bons a proscuitto, herb and goat cheese mix encased in filo pastry and shaped to look like bon-bons. Then we'll come home for a late final dinner with my folks - mexican perhaps.

Wednesday: hubby will be craving a steak {surprise, when is he not?} so I'll cook steaks on the bbq {to which my daughter will say "Steak AGAIN?"} and serve with salad.

Thursday: netball committee dinner night out at MoneyPenny on Honeysuckle. Mmmmm. Hubby and gal will have grilled chicken and salad.

Friday: salmon on the bbq, with salads.

Saturday: I'm out with my gal-friends for a Christmas celebration. We're hitting a tequila bar and mexican place. Yummo!

Sunday: quiet night at home - and I'll be ordering thai takeaway!

That's it for me. You?

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

meal planning monday {on a tuesday}

Oh, I am sorry this is late - but I do have an excuse! My internet was only restored last night - after 10 days of NO INTERNET! Eeep!

This week's busy, again, so I'm frantically planning easy meals. Here's what we're having.

Tuesday: tonight's the photo and dress rehearsal for my gal's ballet concert. I'll be at the studio from 5.55 till 8pm. I'll be giving my gal a light snack beforehand, taking some crackers for her to munch on between costume changes, and making spaghetti bolognaise for a late supper.

Wednesday: I'm going with my friend C to the pre-season opening at the Civic Theatre. It starts at 5.30, so I'll leave behind the fixings for homemade pizzas.

Thursday: Nothing on tonight (woo hoo!) I'll make chicken burgers for dinner I think.

Friday: I'm taking my mother-in-law and father-in-law to the Civic Theatre to see the winner of The Voice, Harrison Craig in concert. I'll make shepherd's pie for dinner beforehand, with lots of veg.

Saturday: Another concert! This time with my friend C to see Leonard Cohen!!!!!!! It's my first Leonard Cohen concert and I'm VERY excited. C is bringing her delicious zucchini slice, so I'll take along some cheese and crackers. Hurrah!

Sunday: slow roasted pork shoulder on the bbq, with apple slaw and a baby spinach, pear and blue cheese salad will do. Don't you think?

Phew. What a week!

Monday, November 11, 2013

meal planning monday

Good morning! Apparently we're in for a week's worth of heavy rain {hurrah!} so no bbq on this week's meal plan. My gal's chosen the first two meals for the week - sadly I have to choose the rest. Let's see how I go.

Monday: chicken pot pie, mashed pumpkin, peas and corn.

Tuesday: spaghetti and meatballs.

Wednesday: roast beef with lots of roast vegies.

Thursday: grilled fish, steamed veg and lemon-roasted potatoes.

Friday: it's the opening of the Italian Film Festival, so I'm off to see something fab. I'll make a lovely Italian dish to eat before leaving, hmmmmm, perhaps I'll check out Nigelissima for inspiration.

Saturday: I'm going to Spiegelteint tonight - but not until the 9.30pm session. Lamb fillets, crusted with dukkah and served on a roasted chickpea salad will do.

Sunday: chicken with 40 cloves of garlic {if I can find Australian garlic at the markets!} with greens and mashed potato.

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Monday, November 04, 2013

meal planning monday

Well hey, it's November - can you believe it's November? NOVEMBER! GAH! My daughter has her yearly exams this week, so it's brain-food central in this neck of the woods.

Monday: ballet lessons, then straight home for dinner and study. Spaghetti Bolognaise tonight.

Tuesday: salmon on the bbq, udon noodle salad with lots of vegies.

Wednesday: corn cakes with crispy bacon and salad. Sure, it's kinda a breakfast food, but still, delish.

Thursday: my gal's obsessed with flattened, grilled chicken breasts - it's her fave dish at the moment. I slice them thinly on the diagonal when I serve them, and they're ever-so-tender. I'll serve these with a warm french lentil salad and some greens.

Friday: garlic prawns, rice and green salad.

Saturday: hubby and I are off to Glamarama at Newcastle Art Gallery - have you entered to win tix yet? There'll be cocktails and canapes served by Roller Derby Gals on roller skates (the food's REALLY good at the Gallery - Sprout does the catering). Scroll down below and enter. Go on! My gal can have takeaway pizza as a treat.

Sunday: steak on the bbq with salad. To wind down.

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Monday, October 21, 2013

meal planning monday

Who's been a slack blogger? I've been a slack blogger. Sorry. But do you know who's been punished the worst for my slackness? Me, and my family. See, no meal planning for two weeks in a row has led to no real shopping, no real cooking and no enthusiasm. For anything. We've had bbq chicken and salad more times that I can to share. We've had takeaway. We've had lacklustre steak with salad leaves from a bag and a few slices of cucumber and apple added to it. BORING!

So, from today, back into it. Starting.


Monday: I got back from Sydney from a gorgeous party yesterday to welcome friends' gorgeous baby girl to the family. It was so much fun catching up with everyone, and getting lots of cuddles and baby giggles in return. Tonight I have a community meeting to attend, so an easy dinner is called for. I'm going to make a bolognaise ravioli bake.

Tuesday: I have another meeting to attend {I know, some things never change} so it's an early dinner of bbq salmon and lots of lovely salads. I'm finding it tough cooking meals that my gal with her braces is okay to eat. Salmon should be perfect!

Wednesday: pancetta and chicken sausages - made with chicken mince, lemon zest, chilil and parsley and wrapped in pancetta before pan frying. Served with roasted carrot sticks and a green salad.

Thursday: bbq pork cutlets, glazed with mandarine jam before cooking. I'll serve these with an apple and walnut coleslaw - and a beetroot and persian feta green leaf salad.

Friday: hubby and I are off to the Maritime Ball. Can't wait! It's a Pearl Harbour theme - so 1940s and will be held in the glorious Civic Theatre. I'm on the fundraising committee for this one, so there are no surprises for me {well, aside from what I'm going to wear!!!} but I can't wait to see everyone's faces when the curtain comes up on the stage!

Saturday: bookclub in the afternoon, so I'll come home and cook some squid and prawns on the bbq.

Sunday: our first whole weekend home together in yonks - we will hopefully have done HEAPS of work around the house. I shall reward us all with a slow-roasted pork shoulder and a roasted veg salad.

Back into it! YES! And you? What are you eating? Inspire me...

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Monday, September 16, 2013

meal planning monday

Oh hai, I'm back. Ish. Still busy, still exhaustipated, but hey, meals still have to be planned don't they? If anything, a busy week means MORE planning. So here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: it's grey, drizzly and even a little bit chilly. Luckily I have a shoulder of lamb to slowly roast on a bed of French lentils. I'll serve it with roasted carrots, beetroot and broccoli.

Tuesday: burlesque fitness for me tonight. Hopefully it'll fix my dodgy back from seven hours straight standing at the netball presentations on Sunday. I'll make spaghetti bolognaise tonight.

Wednesday: grilled, marinated chicken breast with a lentil and marinated feta salad - with lots of leaves.

Thursday: baked fish with some grilled veg - zucchini, capscium, cherry tomatoes - tossed with garlic and herbs.

Friday: chicken and avocado quesadillas. With fresh corn salsa on the side.

Saturday: I think we're going to my in-laws. I'll make a dish to take along. Salmon patties, oven roasted potatoes (regular and sweet) and a big salad.

Sunday: garlic roasted chicken for dinner tonight - with salad and roasted veg.

French word of the day: cuisse {qweesse} thigh

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Monday, September 02, 2013

meal planning monday

Well hello! First things first, in VERY exciting news MY NETBALL GIRLS WON THEIR GRAND FINAL!!!!! Now, while I know that winning isn't everything, they'd played so hard, and learned so much this year that I just really wanted them to win. It was tight. The other team were awesome and have improved dramatically over the year. In the last few minutes we were down by three and in a nail-biting finished we scored three goals in a row to WIN! So proud of my girls. I hope I can coach them again next year.

What this also means, is no more netball training. So things are slightly easier (but work-wise I'm so much busier!) Here's what we're eating:

Monday: we had duck confit for Father's Day dinner last night, so hubby's requested bbq steak and salad tonight. Easy-as.

Tuesday: Green chicken curry, rice and wilted greens.

Wednesday: lamb sirloin, coated in dukkah, grilled and served with a beetroot salad and lots of green leaves. YUM.

Thursday: we haven't had fish for 900 years. I'll cook fish on the bbq and serve it with salad.

Friday: my mother-in-law had ankle reconstruction last week, so I'm taking her to Sydney to have the plaster removed and a boot put on. Not sure what time I'll make it home. But I'm meant to be going to the opening of Now and Then Photographic exhibition at Newcastle Library at 6.30 followed by French Friday film. So dinner? Um, for me it'll probably be yoghurt and fruit woolfed down when I'm getting ready. Hubby and daughter can have mexican.

Saturday: nothing planned. Prawns on the bbq with lots of salad I think.

Sunday: I'm going to the launch of champagne high tea at Hobarts at Wests New Lambton with a friend today, shall need a cleansing dinner of poached chicken salad afterwards I'd imagine. After a decadent late-lunch of glorious sweets and finger sandwiches, washed down with Piper Heidsiek I'll be pretty sated and spoiled.

French word of the day: Septembre (Sep - tom - bra) September (can you BELIEVE it's September?)

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Monday, August 19, 2013

meal planning monday

I cooked dinner on the bbq last night - the weather was THAT unseasonably warm. It just felt like a steaks on the bbq and salad kinda night. Looks like this weather's hanging around, so here's what we'll be eating this week:

Monday: apparently it's some kind of out-of-uniform-fundraising-day at my gal's school tomorrow, so she's having a friend over for a sleepover. I rarely go fancy when it comes to teens, so mexican it is.

Tuesday: I have some chicken breasts just begging to be flattened, marinated and grilled on the bbq. I'll serve them with chickpea and roasted capsicum salad and lots of leafy greens. Ooh, and some blood oranges! YUMMO.

Wednesday: I'm catching up for some friends for ONE drink at Le Passe Temps (yes, they do know my name by now) so I'll make a curry for when I get home. Beef? Lamb? Chicken? I'll prepare it earlier and throw in a handful or two of baby spinach *just* before serving it with rice.

Thursday: I have another netball meeting tonight. About grading (the BANE of a committee member's life) so I'll make some nice pork cutlets and serve them with a spinach and blood orange salad (seriously, when blood oranges are in season, I take FULL advantage!)

Friday: Salmon on the bbq with a roasted potato salad and greens.

Saturday: I didn't make it to Sydney last week. My car had a rock caught between the brake pad and metal and a more alarming sound you never did hear. It fell out, but I was too freaked out to drive. So I'm going down today.

Sunday: I shall be coming home to a lovely home-cooked meal... actually, no, more likely I'll have thai takeaway on speed dial!

French Word of the Day: la voiture (la vwa ture) car.

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Monday, August 12, 2013

meal planning monday

Hi, whoops, I'm a bit late today aren't I? Shall we blame it on the weird winds outside? Yes, let's!

I had a spectacularly lazy birthday weekend, and I think the laziness has carried over into today. Goodness, I'm on go-slow! But here's what we're eating this week.

Monday: netball training to get my gals ready for their semi-final game on the weekend. The wind is feral, so they're bound to be, um, spirited. Let's see. I then have a meeting to attend, a netball one, so I'll have the fixings for spaghetti bolognaise ready for hubby to whip up.

Tuesday: I'm off to burlesque tonight. Dinner shall be a beef and broccoli dish with noodles.

Wednesday: I haven't made chicken schnitzel for yonks - so I'll make it tonight. And serve it with mash and lots of steamed veg.

Thursday: the netball AGM is tonight. I'll have an early dinner of quiche and steamed veg.

Friday: out with some friends to celebrate my birthday from last week. Hurrah. I think we're off to the movies followed by Le Passe Temps. Mexican fixings for dinner?

Saturday: hubby's going to his parents so he can go for a bike ride Sunday morning. I'll make an early dinner of something delish. Who knows what?

Sunday: I missed last week's roast chicken dinner - so I'll make another one - with lots of garlic and thyme on the skin. Mmmmm.

French word of the day: Je sais (j say) I know.


Monday, August 05, 2013

meal planning monday

Well, well, well, well, well. It's Monday huh? My week's relatively calm {surprise!}. My gal's finished netball for the year, but my 10-year-olds are blazing their way to the finals in first place - bless their little socks.

Here's this week's plan:

Monday: netball training tonight, then I'm going straight to the movies to see Behind the Candelabra - can't wait! My gal and hubby can make home-made pizza, and I might have some when I get home. Or have popcorn for dinner...

Tuesday: no netball training. Woo hoo! I'll make a chicken casserole with herbed dumplings for dinner - and not forget the Self Raising flour this time!

Wednesday: steak with ratatouille on the side.

Thursday: I have a netball fundraising movie night to attend. Shall leave hubby and daughter with spaghetti bolognaise for dinner.

Friday: no plans. But my gal has a birthday party to attend. Might make some kind of lamb dish as she's gone off lamb since getting her braces.

Saturday: we're out to Restaurant Mason to celebrate my birthday tomorrow. Wooo hooo!

Sunday: it's my birthday - so I'm not cooking! Shall it be take-out or will my hubby and daughter cook me up a treat? {I'm guessing takeout}.

French word of the day: Lundi {lun - di} Monday.

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Monday, July 29, 2013

meal planning monday

Do you feel like you only read my meal planning post yesterday? Because I feel like I've only just written it! But here we are again, monday! Eep! So here's the plan:

Monday: so busy. My gal has ballet, I have netball training, and we're somehow meant to be at a school  information night for Year 9 electives {!!!} by 7pm. Hmmm, something's gotta give. I think my gal will be missing part of her ballet class - and we'll be eating dinner at 5pm! Green chicken curry and rice - speedy to make and eat. Oh, and I have to attend a meeting after the school meeting for another committee I've put my hand up for {must learn to sit on hands}.

Tuesday: netball training for my gal. We'll have a butterflied shoulder of lamb and roasted veg. I'll pop it in the oven before we leave, and it'll be ready when we get home. I'll just have to quickly steam some green stuff.

Wednesday: oh, I am not doing ANYTHING today. I *should* go to burlesque, but I'll go for a bike ride at lunchtime instead. We'll have chicken, proscuitto sausages tonight. With mash and veg.

Thursday: I need to make something new. I am BORED of everything I cook. Perhaps a lamb and green bean casserole from my Apples for Jam cookbook. With mash and steamed veg.

Friday: we're off to a Spanish Night at the Art Gallery - olé! My gal's staying with her friend while we're out - they can probably have pizza. We'll have nibblies there for dinner. Nibblies are a perfectly fine dinner are they not?

Saturday: we're off to my in-laws for a family pot luck dinner. I'll make coq au vin and a pot of mash.

Sunday: I'm collapsing in a heap after having such a run of busy weeks. For dinner takeaway shall be procured. By my husband, who shall then spoon it into my mouth as I lie prone on the couch.


French word of the day: oublieux (ooh - blee - oh) forgetful. Because I am forgetful and keep forgetting the French word of the day. Mon dieu!

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Monday, July 22, 2013

meal planning monday

Hello, I feel as though Spring is on its way {despite the 1 degree temps this morning...} hence this pic. So looking forward to dining al-fresco again. Okay, strap yourself in, here's my week. Busy!

Monday: netball training with my 10-year-old team and my gal has ballet. I'm going to make Nigella's Greek Lamb Chops with green salad.

Tuesday: netball training with my gal's team. Green chicken curry, rice and wilted greens.

Wednesday: my gal and I are off to see Sarah Blasko with my friend C. Can't wait! We'll have an early dinner of beef sliders.

Thursday: no plans. Yet. Steak and salad.

Friday: I'm off to Sydney to catch up with two very fabulous friends at a very fabulous New York Style restaurant. Can. Not. WAIT!

Saturday: It's just my gal and I tonight as hubby's got an event on with some friends. We might do dinner somewhere I think. Or cook together...

Sunday: I'm going to drinks at the Art Gallery, so when I come home we might have something easy that I've prepared earlier. Pan roasted chicken with french lentils perhaps?

And that's it. You?

French word of the day: la journée {la jour nay} The Day.

Monday, July 15, 2013

meal planning monday

Hellooooooooooo! How was your weekend? Hectic? Fun? Relaxing? All of the above? Well school goes back tomorrow {hurrah} so we're back to normal routine in this neck of the woods. So here's what I'm hoping we'll be eating:

 Monday: ballet for my gal, netball training for me. We've had such a big weekend of eating I'm going to cook up grilled chicken breasts and salad tonight.

Tuesday: we had an early Bastille Day celebration with duck, champagne and lemon tart on Friday night with friends, and tonight, we're having a late Bastille Day celebration with friends {with duck, champagne and, um, lemon tart}.

Wednesday: poached chicken salad with baby spinach, orange segments and pecans. Hopefully I'll make it to burlesque tonight - I need the exercise!

Thursday: lamb backstrap fillets with roasted veg tonight.

Friday: I'm off to the movies with friends to see Before Midnight. Yay! Apparently we're also going to the new wine bar Le Passe Temps before or after {depending on film screening time} I'll prepare spaghetti bolognaise for the family.

Saturday: nothing planned so far, so it's a day in the garden for us. I'll make a slow cooked beef stew for dinner, served with lots of green veg and mash.

Sunday: garlic-roasted chicken tonight. With all of the veg!

French word of the day: oublier {oooh - blee - ay} forget - because I forgot the French word of the day yesterday! Pardon moi!

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Monday, July 01, 2013

meal planning monday

Well hello, how's things? It's still a bit soggy here, but I'm looking forward to a mid-week getaway, so all's good. Here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: I have some leftover pork shoulder on the bone, and I wasn't sure what to do with it. Luckily, I watched Jamie's Great Britain yesterday and he made a rabbit ragu that gave me an idea. I'm putting the pork whole into my dutch oven. I'll throw in two whole carrots, an onion, washed but with skin intact, a whole head of garlic, two celery sticks, bay leaves and salt and pepper. I'll top this up with 1/2 bottle white wine, a tin of tomatoes and some water. I'll bring it to the boil, then pop it in the oven on slow for the rest of the day.

Before serving I'll pop on some kitchen gloves, smoosh all the vegies into a pan, discarding skin, shred off the meat and give it a stir. I'll add lemon zest and fresh thyme and serve tossed through pasta. Yum.

Tuesday: I didn't get to make fish last week, I cooked that pork shoulder instead. So tonight I'll do fish with salad and homemade chips.

Wednesday: we'll be in the Blue Mountains, I'll cook up something yummy from the local butcher for dinner for us and my in-laws.

Thursday: night two in the blue mountains. We'll have been exploring all day so let's have pies, mash and vegies!

Friday: home again. To take-away thai!

Saturday: I really want to make Beef Wellington with my gal. Today we shall.

Sunday: Roasted chicken with garlic and lemon, and lots of veg will do.

French word of the day: vacances (vah - kohns) holiday!

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