Thursday, June 03, 2010

i heart it so

I went into the movie with trepidation last night. I was just planning on having a fun night with my friends and immersing myself in the fashion, but found myself falling in love. So many bad reviews and yet, I loved the new SATC movie. I felt it truer to the characters to the first film and with a lot of similar sensibilities to the series.

The first movie had that distracting sub-plot with Louise from St Louis, who, while gorgeous, wasn't what I was there to see. This time it was all about the girls, and most importantly their friendships. As Samantha says, "We're soulmates" and this is proven so many times throughout the film. They guide, they advise, they provide support, they sing, they drink and they laugh - all the things that good friends should do.

And oh, the frocks... DELICIOUS. I love the colour palate featured throughout the film, rich, jewelled hues in the most incredible fabrics.

I felt a little disturbed after watching the first film. I felt like the scriptwriter didn't actually like the characters he was writing about. But in this film the love showed though - and Liza? Legend. So many moments that I'm replaying and smiling - and one killer line from Samantha that will have me giggling on my deathbed {let's chat about that when you've seen it shall we}. If you're a fan strap on your highest of heels {otherwise you'll have heel envy - oh MY!} and run to go check it out. It's a fabulous celebration of women, friendships and fashion - what more can you ask for?

Wednesday, June 02, 2010

furious love

I am working! {Yes, I've also washed my hair and painted my fingernails Strawberry Electric to go with the Manhattan Cupcakes I've decided to make for sweets for tonight...} But I had to share the following:

This image.
That cape/cloak/gorgeousity!!
His suit!!!
The fact that Elizabeth Taylor is releasing a book of Love Letters between herself and Richard Burton. Bliss.

You know the only thing that would be better? An audio version - remember his voice? Mmmm.

Okay, back to work...

it's only words

Today I'm really hunkering down to work. There'll be no being distracted, just a full-on session dedicated to getting things done. My focus will be solely directed toward this here computer screen and nothing's going to make me swerve from my dedicated duties. Until tonight's girly fest of Sex and the City. Oh MY!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

one more sleeeeeeeeeeep

I'm back! Had my zippy trip down and back to Sydney today and got back home in time to take my gal to ballet lessons and fit in a quick shop. I've bought a few items for tomorrow night's Sex and the City 2 pre-movie soiree here - cranberry juice for champagne/cosmo cocktails and pancetta and peas to make risotto {the parfait crowd-pleaser}. We'll be watching the first movie with a cocktail in one hand and risotto in the other, before heading out for a 9pm screening of the new movie. Squeeeeeeee! Now, I just have to decide on which colour nailpolish will go with my cranberry red cocktails - lilac perhaps? Then I once that's settled I can work out the outfit. Decisions, decisions...

Monday, May 31, 2010

outta here for a bit

I've got a working day in the big smoke tomorrow so I'll be up at 6am to be in Sydney by 9am. No posts from me until tomorrow night. Tragically I won't be driving this car, but I am in my new wheels, so that's something to look forward to.

Enjoy your Tuesday x

shark attack

It's always best to end a tv show on a high. Smart people end a show before it deteriorates into a parody of its former greatness. Fawlty Towers, twelve episodes of genius. Ricky Gervais's The Office - two series, a couple of Christmas specials and the best ending ever.

Those who neglect this simple rule, however, become objects of ridicule. Often this moment is called "Jumping the Shark" and now, for your viewing pleasure, YouTube and I are proud to present you with the original, and craptastic best. Go here - at your own risk.

PS: if you find this doll, I'd love one...

shoe boo be doo

Navy blue patent with a daring low side swoop that makes my heart dip and soar. Oh Lanvin, I think I love you. While these shoes are dangerously reminiscent of a pair of navy patent mary janes that were too large for moi and too small for my pal Beth, I just had to post them. I've never had a hankering for navy shoes before, but this season, navy's calling my name. Maybe I've finally been away from school for long enough to be able to consider the colour that made up the bulk of my school uniform. Or perhaps its deep hues are just slightly seductive. Whatever, I like these very much indeed.

Today's a pupil-free day. Again. I swear we've had, oh, I don't know, 200 of these this year {approx}. Today though, I don't really mind. I stayed in bed till 9.30am while the rain bucketed down and I'm pretty sure my gal will stay in her jammies all day. We'll make some lemon cupcakes later on - she's determined to make Julie's lemon diva cupcakes from her MasterChef cookbook.

Oh, and we shan't talk about MasterChef. So disappointed by that sickening high drama last night. I honestly felt ill for a whole ad break after Matt threw the plate on the floor. There've been calls on twitter and realityravings that MasterChef's jumped the shark with that moment - that and the mopping up the salmon roe with Handee wipes. C'mon - you can't show us all the meals but you can show us people mopping up spills with a sponsor's product?

Hopefully they've got counselling available to the contestants, poor Callum looks on the verge of a breakdown. This season the cooking's merely a prop to all the drama - which would be fine if the drama were interesting...

Sunday, May 30, 2010

suds up

After yesterday's relentless downpours, today's bright and sunny - perfect car washing weather. So I'm off to detail my car and pop it on carsales. By the way, have you ever considered car washing an erotic activity? Well, judging by the google image search I just did car washing is waaaaay up there. Unusual sunday morning viewing I must say.

Most of the stuff we put out the front for council clean-up has gone - I'm pretty sure that by the time the scrap-metal merchants and junk finders scavange around the council will only need a ute for the pick up.

I've got a lovely leg of lamb with the bone in, and the shank, to cook in the slow cooker at lunchtime for our dinner tonight. Packed with garlic, rosemary and anchovies, mmmmm.

Okay, best put on my best cut-off denims and bikini top and get myself soaped up... Oh, that's right - I'm just washing my car.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

happy weekend

Hey, it's the weekend! How's yours going? Mine started with an early morning confirmation that netball was cancelled due to the damned rain - then back to bed. Oh, yes, back to bed. I haven't had a sleep-in since, oh, I don't know, 2005? And even though it wasn't actual sleep it was lying in a cosy bed while the rain beat down on the tin roof. Bliss.

Council clean-up this weekend so we're taking out some stuff, and I'm averting my eyes when we drive past piles. I'm so determined to get rid of stuff and not bring anything new in, unless it's to replace something that's going out.

After a cozy start to the morning with porridge and a latte, I feel ready for anything.

What's on your to-do list this weekend?

Friday, May 28, 2010


I love a spot of nonsense. This here's cheered me up no end and now I've joined the throngs in love with Jake Gyllenhaal. Bless.

Three words: Hedgehog doing karate.
I'm working on something tough at the moment and needed a spot of inspiration. Thank you youtube for helping me find it.

When I grow up I want to have long, red hair and bangs...

work it, baby

Let me tell you how excited I am about the impending renovation of my study.


Yesterday we checked out a very pretty desk, not unlike this one and oh, I liked it very much indeed. The elegant clean lines will look perfect on my new charcoal carpet {I am very much leaning that way} and with my pretty iMac perched atop it.

Considering I spend such a huge chunk of my day in my study I need it to be pretty - and I need to shift out all these piles of magazines and books that are awaiting their bookcases. Can't I just wave a magic wand and have it all complete?

heads up

I'm loving SJP's headwear at the London premierre of SATC2. Not loving what's filtering through of the reviews... Oh well, it's a great girly get-together and if nothing else there's fashion porn and Aiden...

Not sure how many reviewers are looking at the film through a fan's eyes though. That's my biggest bugbear - reviewer's who do not take the target audience into consideration when reviewing a film. Sure, tell me that it's well/poorly shot, well/poorly cast/acted/directed etc - but does it hit the mark? Does it do what it's set out to do?

Check out all the rom-coms with huge box office takings and abysmal reviews - is everyone walking out of that film saying how much they hate it? Sometimes we just need a little fluffy escapism - particularly when our lives are hectic and filled with enough drama thank you very much. It's like reading. When I read it tends to be on the light side, preferably on the humorous side too. I spent all day researching articles, other times studying French, and also supervising homework - that's enough work for me thanks, I just want to relax.

So next week I'm frocking up and going into the film with an open mind. Chances are I'll love it...

Thursday, May 27, 2010

slowly does it

Do you have a slow cooker? No, well, they're on sale at Audi for a ridonculously low price, it's okay I'll wait...

Got one? Excellent, prepare to have your best winter ever.

I succumbed to the slow cooker craze a few winters ago and have managed, through a lot of trial and error to learn to love this little critter. They take a bit of getting used to, but once you're used to them, beware, they'll make your life so much better you'll become addicted.

Now, firstly:

• You don't need to brown your onions, but you should. Quickly frying your onions in a little oil adds flavour to the dish, and some slow cooker dishes can lack flavour. So bang as much in as much flavour as you can I reckon. After frying off, consider browning your meat. Again, not necessary, but what's a few minutes preparation? If you're pressed for time in the morning, do this step the night before and then refrigerate. In the morning just toss everything in and go about your day.

• Deglaze your pan. Seriously, who would waste those delicious bits? After browning, throw in a little wine or stock {even water} stir all the sticky bits off the bottom and add this to your water.

• Cover your final dish with a layer of baking paper before adding the lid. This keeps the steam nice and close to your dish and stops your meat from drying out. Essential. Always do this.

• Slow cookers don't reduce sauces like oven-baked dishes do. Use less liquid, or toss your meat in flour and cook off for two minutes before adding. Another way to reduce is to remove the lid and turn up to high for 30 minutes before stirring. Sometimes I'll add a little cornflour paste if I'm so inclined.

• Season well. Adding bags of flavour is always a good idea. Meat will be lovely and tender, but I don't know if it's because it's cooked in crockery or what the story is, but sometimes stews cooked in the slow cooker can lack flavour - so always add extra.

• Brown roasts first. My fave slow cooker dish is a leg of lamb, bone in, studded with garlic and anchovies. I'll brown it first {on the bbq if it's too big for a frypan} and then place it in the slowcooker on a bed of very chunky potatoes, sweet potato and onions. Then I'll pour over 1/2 cup of white wine and cook it on low for 8 hours. Just before serving I'll gently remove the vegies {they'll be soft and smooshy} and pop them in a very hot oven for 15 minutes to brown. While this is happening the meat is resting and I'll make a gravy with the juices by adding a little stock, turning it to high and stirring. Mmmmmm.

• Choose cooking on low over high for best results.

• Stay home for your first few efforts - just to see how quickly your slow cooker works. Some of them are faster than others so 7 hours on low will cook a dish to perfection, but 8 hours is too long. Experiment and don't be afraid. Go with flavours and ingredients you love and use it for what it's good for. On a cold, dark wednesday when I get home from netball training at 5.30 I love being greeted by a steaming hot meal that only needs rice or potatoes to complete.


scroll down

Okay, so this photo is taken at an unfortunate angle that makes SJP and Ferris look like wee tiny bobbleheads... but people THE SHOES. Can you see those shoes? Oh, they are far and away the prettiest shoes I've seen all day. Excuse me, I'm off to fan myself and have a cigarette...


Mmm, you know the only thing better than a baguette? A groovy old van filled with 'em. Yum. I love this image. It reminds me that even though it's STILL raining, and while I have a sinus headache that makes me want to slice off my forehead, things are good.
• My gal's gone to school with a lunchbox filled with chorizo mini quiche and a violette cupcake {oh, so good - Nigella's cupcakes are indescribably delicious} and a very wide smile.
• I have a challenging and interesting piece due tomorrow that I'm enjoying writing.
• I've finally been paid for the invoice I've been chasing since December {hurrah!}
• We're off to friends for dinner on Friday night for duck confit.
• Sitting back and thinking about the people I've been lucky enough to meet in my life, I know I've been blessed by meeting some of the world's finest.
• My French homework is complete and possibly correct!
• My fingernails are the prettiest shade of blue thanks to Orly Snowcone {from the Sweet Colour Collection - so good}.
• My skin's over its dryness and is now looking mighty fine after two weeks on Olay ProX.
• I'm having a good hairday.

Blessings? Oh I've got them in abundance and I'm very, very thankful for them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

real ark-weather

The rain is so heavy and unrelenting - I'm thinking this here is my best option for the school pick up this afternoon. I've already cancelled netball training again this afternoon - even if by some miracle the rain stops the courts will be under a metre of water.

What's not helping is that along with the poopy weather so many people seem to be going through tough times at the moment. My heart's with everyone - just as these skies have to clear sometime, so does the misery.

I think my gal and I will bake some cupcakes this afternoon. After all, baking makes everyone feel better doesn't it?

love is all you need

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

roll out the red carpet

Loving the looks all the gals sported on the red carpet for the New York premiere of Sex and the City 2. If I had to choose a fave I'd say that SJP's Valentino has won my heart.

literary love

I'll be needing a new light for my newly redecorated home office/study. This would be apt would it not?