Saturday, April 30, 2011

stop it!


oh bless

I make no secret of my love of the Beckhams. I love Posh, and after reading her biography fell for her even more. Combine that with her mini-documentary and cute comments on Twitter and I kid you not I will not hear a bad word against her. Love.

Love this look, that beautiful deep navy frock. And bless her socks will you look at those heels!

And Becks. Whew baby - that is one man who can carry off any look to perfection.

holy royal wedding batman

Now that's what I call a wedding frock. Absolutely flawless. And it was Sarah Burton for McQueen. Bliss. There is no detail that I'm not in love with - from the modestly pretty neckline, the row of covered buttons, the glorious weight of the fabric, the pretty bustle. Divine.

And the bouquet is just so pretty. Is it Lilly of the Valley do you think? Whatever, it's just lovely - a simple posy that doesn't overwhelm the outfit.

Oh, and the TREES in Westminster Abbey - I loved that. Now please, head over to GoFugYourself and immerse yourself in all their fabulous photos and usual genius commentary.


Friday, April 29, 2011

wedding fever

Now, of course my eyes will be keenly focussed on Kate - mainly to check out her frock {which, so far, on Twitter, has been confirmed as being made by one of six designers - fingers crossed its McQueen...}. But I'm sure I won't be alone in having one eye turned toward this one as he frocks up in a tux. Two of my fave gossip bloggers {Lainey and Michael K over at Dlisted} have the cutest and most apt names for my fave Prince - hot Prince Ginge or Hot Harry on a Horse.

Bring it.

{royal wedding-esque} flowers for friday

I hope Kate's carrying something fabulous like this down the aisle today! Hands up who's watching the Royal Wedding tonight? Hands up who's going to a party and frocking up to watch? Have fun, I'll raise a glass of my Royal Sapphire Martini {recipe a few posts below in case you missed it} to you all.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

paris opera garnier

So, I'm doing my research for our trip to Paris in July when I thought I'd research tours of the Paris Opera House. I've seen it from the outside on previous trips, and thought that checking out the inside was a must this time. While on their website I thought I'd just see if there was anything playing while we were there. Oh yes there was. A ballet, Les enfants du paradise. So tickets were hastily bought and my husband, my gal and I are off to the Opera in Paris.

Considering that I like to frock up for the Sydney Opera House can you imagine the wardrobe dilemmas I'm having? At least the shoes are easy - my Manolos totally deserve an outing here.

I'm swooning at the thought already guys.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

what's cooking wednesday

Back to school - woo hoooo!

Tonight my parents are popping in for a night on their way from Melbourne to Nimbin so I'll make up a big pot of pumpkin soup - served with crusty sourdough.
Thursday: Steak and salad.
Friday: Royal wedding party - we're taking red velvet cupcakes and making Royal Sapphire martinis.
Saturday: I'm catching up with friends for dinner.
Sunday: Roast chicken and vegies.
Monday: Crispy pancetta and spinach risotto.
Tuesday: Back to french lessons - lamb and bean casserole.

Enjoy your week.

a bun in the oven

My gal loves a finger bun - loves 'em. So when I heard that Baker's Delight were donating 100 per cent of the profits from the sales of their pink finger buns to raise funds for breast cancer - well, hello, time to buy up big. From tomorrow, for a whole week, pink buns will help fund the breast cancer network.

C'mon, pink's always tasty - why not get sweet for a good cause.

Monday, April 25, 2011

spotty shoes make me smile

I think it's been about 400 years since I've posted a pair of Marc Jacobs shoes - how remiss of me. So to make up for it, I present you not only with Marc Jacobs, not only wedges, not only t-bar but SPOTTY!

You're welcome.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

hydrangea cupcakes

How clever and beautiful are these cupcakes? Check them out over here.

easter egg hunting

Happy Easter! We're off to the Hunter Valley Gardens this morning so our gal can do a spot more egg hunting. It's a glorious day today so quite the day to visit the gardens.

Hope the Easter Bunny brought you some yummy chocolate {luckily our Easter Bunny seems fond of Lindt easter chocolate - yum}. Enjoy x

Saturday, April 23, 2011

come fly with me

Obviously I need no encouragement to fly to Paris, but for those who do, don't you think these fabulous posters by David Klein would help the travel bug hit hard? There's a gorgeous range of his work over at Flavorwire - check it out.

PS: my other faves are Los Vegas and Spain {ole!}

Friday, April 22, 2011

flowers for friday {night}

Whoops - late! But it's my third post for the day so surely I'm forgiven - and they're PEONIES. A pretty mixed pastel bunch of peonies no less.

Sigh, I need to move to a colder climate so I can grow these things...

sweetie, darling!

So apparently I'm also going to spend this Easter catching up on my blogging. But GUESS WHAT? There are going to be three new Ab Fab episodes hitting our screens. Lord knows when we'll get them in Aus, but they're on-screen in the US in their summer.

Anyone with friends at the ABC? Do some hassling will you?

Oh, and bring out the Bolly darling.

happy easter

Oliver, the winner of the Easter Pets competition over at Martha Stewart would like to join me in wishing you a happy, happy easter. I know that I'm going to spend the next five days sleeping, resting and spending some time with my man and my gal.


Thursday, April 21, 2011

helen mirren: style guru


This is why I love Helen Mirren. This woman defies any conservative conventions about how women should dress over 40. Honestly, if someone said to you "Yeah, an over 60-year-old can totally rock a leopard print maxi dress and a leather biker jacket!" you'd look at them like they were insane. And here she is, not just rocking the look, but totally and utterly owning it.

I don't know who her stylist is but they're some kind of genius. Which probably isn't too hard when you consider what they've got to work with. But I'm in love with so many aspects of this outfit - including the hair, the make-up and accessories.

No wonder Russell keeps on finding opportunities to snog her. Lord knows that given any kind of a chance I'd be doing the same.


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

nail file

Sure, my basket of nailpolishes might be seriously overflowing - but I'd make space for these. Sweet Peacock is my absolute favourite, but I'm also loving on Sea Girl and Lucky Duck {oh, and Fowl Play - which really only leaves the coral and the beige - which are also kinda fabulous...} I think I deserve these.

what's cooking wednesday

Do you have any idea how much I need a pale green, retro Smeg Fridge? A. Lot. Crazy beautiful. But I don't. I have a rather ordinary Fisher&Paykel, which does the job - just not very attractively. Sigh. But I have planned the next week's meals. That's good.
Wednesday: I have a hankering so deep, so wide and so strong for lamb shanks - so I'm going to make them.*
Thursday: I'm making pea and ham soup. I have yellow split peas and bacon bones. All I need now is the world's most amazing sourdough. Luckily I live not a five minute drive from Sourdough Baker in Newcastle. Mmmmm.
Friday: well, c'mon, it's got to be fish. I have bought the world's most enormous tin of tuna and shall be making spicy thai fish cakes. With some noodles strewn with vegies. And sweet chilli sauce. Oh yeah.
Saturday: Nigella makes this amazing lamb casserole with green beens. That's what I'll be making too - just need to find the recipe.
Sunday: Okay, today's the day we're going on an egg hunt at the Hunter Valley Gardens. I really should organise something for the slow cooker. Minestrone?
Monday: I didn't make the orichette with broccoli and anchovies last week - that's a crime. So I'd best make it tonight. And grate some lemon zest over it as penance.
Tuesday: Best give my husband a simple steak and vegie night. As you can see, I like my fancy schmancy and so does he, but he does crave a bit of simple. Best offer it up.

*Okay, the slow roasted lamb shanks with lentils recipe was so good, it deserves writing down. Coat frenched lamb shanks in a liberal dose of seasoned flour {plenty of salt and pepper}. Then, in a heavy bottom pan, brown them in a little olive oil. Really brown them. Next, add one litre of beef stock, 1 cup of red wine, one whole anchovy {trust: it'll melt}, two cloves of crushed garlic and three bay leaves. Add one cup of french lentils du puy. Add loads of freshly ground pepper. Stir and then bring to the boil. Cover tightly {I cooked this in my le crueset french oven} and pop in a low oven {140 celcius} for at least 3 hours. Serve with creamy french mash and green beans. So good. My husband said it's as good as duck confit and in my house there is no higher praise.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

a royal sapphire

Hey, you know how I'm going to a Royal Wedding party at the end of the month? Well, I've created a cocktail in its honour. A Royal Sapphire. First of all I'll dip the martini glass in egg white and then put a sparkling rim of caster sugar around the edge {you know, like diamonds}. Then I'll combine this deep blue liqueur I saw the other day {deeper than curacao - not sure what it's called}, some Gin {probably Hendricks - that's royal}, a splash of lemon and top it up with champagne.

It's just like Kate's engagement ring! I KNOW!

Seriously, I should take a patent out on that - how freakin' awesome does it sound? Feel free to make one yourself. Cheers.

lessons learnt

Wow, this has been a big month on the learning scale. Now, allow me to tell you something. I'm not really one of those astrological people {if I was, hey, as a Leo would I really have married a Taurean? Probably not, but so far it's turned out pretty awesome!}. But, my point, and I do have one, is that there are two astrological events that I always listen out for: Saturn Return and Mercury Retrograde. When it's the Saturn Return period I'm extra, super-dooper careful around electrical appliance because if they're going to cark it - this is when. I lost a TV, a computer and a dishwasher in two days in one Saturn Return {bastard}.

The other phase is when Mercury is Retrograde. You know those arguments that go "That's not what I said!" - "Well it's what you meant!" {!!!!!} well I can pretty much guarantee you that they'll have taken place while Mercury is retrograde. See, Mercury rules communication - so when he's going backwards, well, strange things are afoot at the Circle K {see, I'll even thrown in an obscure Bill and Ted's reference - random}

So, if you've been feeling misunderstand, misrepresented and just plain misheard - come and stand in line behind me. If an argument starts brewing, bite your tongue and run in the opposite direction. And don't worry - it's nearly over. Phew.