Friday, February 03, 2012

friday, no flowers, just martinis

Sorry again, busy again.

Hey, guess what I'm doing tonight? Going to a Madmen and Martinis cocktail party - hello.

So, last night, at 7.15pm I rushed out to Spotlight to buy myself some netting to make some kind of cocktail-esque hair piece. As you do when you're craft-challenged. Luckily I found an online tutorial that shows how to make one using some netting, a few tricky squishes and a couple of bobby pins - my kind of craft.

Shall take photos later to post over the weekend.

Have a fabulous friday and a wonderful weekend. x

Thursday, February 02, 2012

sharing the love ♥

Here's a little something that I'm doing over at my day job this month. I edit a pregnancy website, and, as pregnancy is such a special time  - thought we'd celebrate the month of february by making it all about love.

It started off yesterday with me sharing something I love. It's teeny, but it's fabulous. Ready? Clean sheet day. Yep, I do love clean sheet day with a passion.

Today, I showed someone I love. Wanna see?

Aww, it's me and my hubby 18 years ago. It's a black and white shot that's been instagramed, but you can kinda see the purple streaks in my hair {only thing that's changed about my hair in 20 years...} And look at my hubby's hair - bless. We looked like negative-image twins back in the day.

Tomorrow is be someone you love. I need that. Things have been a bit stressful of late. Need to chill and remind myself to be good to myself.

As for number 6, love your bump... well, it's been a while. Instead I'll just change it to love your bod - who couldn't do with a bit of body love?

Do you want to join in? You can share pics, comments, blog posts, tweets {#Love29Days} - or just do it. It's all about sharing the love - what's not to love about that?

Wednesday, February 01, 2012

meal planning, um, wednesday

I've been absent haven't I? Seriously absent - sorry about that. The gal's first day of high school {massive success - she loves it and I'm sure will thrive: and she got French as a subject - bon!}, a work meeting yesterday in Sydney and just stuff have all combined to make me remiss.

My apologies.

OOoooooh, guess what? I've got a new fridge! A super-dooper, stainless steel, two door with water and ice-making piece of magnificence. I LOVE IT. We need a bigger fridge because of meal planning. If I did the French shop and cook day-by-day thing I could have had the Smeg of my dreams, but I need the space. AS-IF I could have a shelf of duck fat in a Smeg!

Anywhoodle, here's what we're eating for the remainder of the week:
Tonight: hmmmm, it's cold, it's rainy, it's my gal's third day of high school... beef bourginon avec greens and roasted potatoes.
Thursday: I have to go help out at netball registration so it's a late dinner. Chicken schnitzel perhaps with a salad.
Friday: We're off to the Art Gallery for Masterpieces, MadMen and Martinis {hello!}. We're frockin' up a la Joan Hollaway and suiting up like Don Draper to sip martinis and nibble on 60s style canapes. There shall be a need for real sustenance afterwoods. Might convince the posse to converge on a pub - is The Oriental ready for such an oddly-dressed group? {It sure was back in my Uni days...}
Saturday: I need to do a leg of lamb on the bbq. Please allow the weather to actually be summery.
Sunday: Roast something or other from the Farmers Markets. Mmmmm.

And that's it. Sorry, it's a short week. We had spaghetti bolognaise last night cooked by hubby as I didn't get home till late. Monday was a quickie of burritos. So, what's on your plates this week?

Sunday, January 29, 2012

sweet sunday and adios school holidays

Wow, it's the final day of the school holidays - eep! And tomorrow my gal starts high school - double eep! So today will be spent lazing around the pool {and hopefully washing out the last of the hot pink dip-dye on the ends of her hair so I don't have to cut it off}.

I've got a washing line full of random pillowcases today. After yesterday's linen closet revamp thanks to yesterday's post, I realised that every time I threw out old sheets when they tore I kept the pillowcases. So there are 16 pillowcases on the line {can anyone say Hoarder} and two sheet sets that are also going to the Salvos. I realised that yes, you can have too many spare sets of sheets. Should I need to bed down an extra 10 people I could always ask them to bring a sleeping bag couldn't I?

Enjoy your Sunday and wish me luck for tomorrow. I'll be the one with the brave face, who'll be sobbing in the car on the way home after the drop-off!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

best ideas ever

Browsing Pinterest this morning I saw this fabulous idea - storing sheet sets inside their pillow cases - genius! It's an idea I've heard before, but seeing it in action has inspired me to enter my black hole linen closet and do this.

The blog this originated on has some other fab ideas too. Go here to check it out. This daft scott's lass isn't so daft - love her work!

Friday, January 27, 2012

flowers for friday

I'm feeling discombobulated today - because I kept thinking yesterday that it was Saturday... So I thought I'd throw us a little garden party to help get through the last working day of the week.

My gal's off to get her new Going To High School haircut today. To celebrate the transition between primary school and high school we dip-dyed her hair hot pink on the ends {so cute!} and that's getting cut off today

Bless her socks, she's very excited about going to high school: looking forward to the challenges and making new friends. Wow, does time zoom by...

Happy friday everyone.

Monday, January 23, 2012

meal planning monday

Okay, last week of the school holidays - can you believe it? Eep! Okay, to take my mind off it - here's what we're eating this week:

Monday: We didn't manage to have steaks on the bbq on the weekend, so that's what we'll be having tonight. With salad greens.

Tuesday: Jamie's Salmon and Prawn bake was also a no-go last Friday night {we had takeaway fish&chips instead} so that's on the menu tonight.

Wednesday: We're off to our in-laws for the night.

Thursday: I spent a bit of time browsing through my many cookbooks on the weekend. Shall make Nigella's poached chicken with puy lentils tonight. My gal loves poached chicken and puy lentils so win-win there.

Friday: I think we need a duck night. Tonight shall be duck night.

Saturday: Out to dinner to celebrate our gal starting high school in a few short days!

Sunday: Seven hour leg of lamb with roasted veg.

You? What's on your mealplan?

Saturday, January 21, 2012

ooh, saturday? really?

I'm finding it very difficult to believe that it's Saturday night already. Seriously?

So to help give me some breathing space, thought I'd best jazz up my blog with some crimson fleurs. Couldn't you just imagine squealing with delight every time you entered such a fabulous conservatory?

{and ps: check out the pompoms on the cushions - cuteness incorporated!}

Thursday, January 19, 2012

tom ford nail polish

I swear that everything this man does is little short of perfection. My Tom Ford lippy I bought in Paris is undoubtedly my fave of all time, so don't you think I need some of his nail polish as well? I'm thinking that orange on the bottom row, second from the left.

For starters...

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

meal planning

Sorry, I got carried away with the Golden Globes yesterday and forgot to post this. Here's what we'll be eating this week:

Tonight: Spaghetti with homemade pesto. I have a stack of basil growing in the vegie garden, best use it up. I've also got some leftover chicken from last night's Chicken with 40 cloves of garlic, so I'll shred that up and toss it through too. Perhaps with a little crispy pancetta too.

Wednesday: The Divine Ms M is staying with us this week, and we're off to the movies tonight. So I'll make an early dinner of dukkah-crusted lamb fillet with a beetroot and feta salad.

Thursday: I'm off to a meeting in Sydney, so will have Mexican ingredients ready for my gal to whip up.

Friday: Jamie Oliver's salmon and prawn tray bake from his 30 minute meals is an essential. With salsa-verde potatoes and a spinach and mint salad. Yum.

Saturday: Steak and salad - bbq night.

Sunday: Roast. Last week we had pork belly, so it's probably time for chicken again do you think?

Ps: where's January going? My gal's due to start high school soon - eeek! We've got everything ready - uniform, shoes {yes - we finally found lace up shoes that weren't clunky and ugly. After 7 years of Mary Janes the girls have to wear lace-up shoes in high school - erk}

Enjoy your week - what's on your menu?

Monday, January 16, 2012

golden globes frock love

Okay, you could have knocked me down with a feather when I realised that I liked what Nicole Kidman's wearing. And I do. Actually, I think I love it. It's so flattering, gives her curves and the gold adds oomph to the pale colour. Love her hair colour too - and the face isn't looking as frozen as usual.

Such a dramatic look for Angelina. LOVE the make-up {want that lippy!} and that slash of red is perfect on the frock. But damn, girl, please eat something.

Work with what you've got. This deceptively simple frock is many shades of fabulous. Love.

The image doesn't do this justice. A SPECTACULAR shade of green with a feathered shot of fabulosity. This was by far and away my fave look.

I also LOVED Sofia Vergara {who doesn't?} but couldn't find a shot of her smoking up the red carpet in Vera Wang. Kristen Wig is looking glorious as a brunette in peach, and oh, Heidi Klum wins the prize for best accessory with her fabulous turquoise neck piece. Reece Witherspoon also looked rather fabulous with messy, long hair and a deep red frock.

There's not enough Ricky in this Golden Globe coverage for my liking, but hey I'll take what I can get.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

oooh, it's saturday {sigh}

I've got a bit of a thing for green. I find it soothing, relaxing and very, very fresh. Our bedroom's green, the original colour from when we bought the house, and we've painted our living room in a colour very similar to this one. I think it'd work well in our kitchen too. Hubby wasn't too sure how well it'd go with the grey benchtops, but I think it works. Don't you?

Busy day today. I'm out to dig up the vegie gardens and add lots of manure ready for autumn planting. I'm also working on the inside of the house to get it back into shape for the working week. Then, tonight, we're off to visit our friends who went spent a week with in Provence. One couple, who live in Sweden, are out in Oz, so we're all catching up to reminisce, and hopefully plan the next trip... I'm saving my pennies as we speak.

Friday, January 13, 2012

flowers for friday

Can't you just breathe in the prettiness with these gorgeous white fleurs and pretty palest of pale blue bottles? This image just about sums up serenity - which I could do with a spot of about now... I'm feeling a little blue, my English in-laws are flying back home tomorrow after a fabulous month. Last night there were tears from my gal who asked "Why can't they live closer?" Makes me want to save harder and get back over there again sooner...

On the bright side, we did have a wonderful month with them. Caught up many times, shared giggles and great conversation. The girls all adore each other, little Miss R was permanently attached to my gal at the family farewell last night, so that's something to be thankful for.

They mightn't be in our neighbourhood, but they're in our hearts, that's what matters isn't it?

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

a bit of pretty

One thing I love about immersing myself in Pintrest is stumbling upon little bits of fabulous.

Like this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

online ease

I'm finding it very difficult to justify shopping in-store. As you know, I loathe shopping, and it's never made easy. For example, for YONKS now, I've wanted one of these gorgeous cast-iron, enamelled pots. I have my large Le Crueset pot, but this lower one is idea for a wide range of dishes - and programs such as Donna Hay made me covet a pretty white number.

But was it easy to buy?

It was not.

About six months ago I called the company, who told me to GO INTO my local David Jones and order one. So I tried.

Oh I tried.

Since our David Jones in Hunter Street closed down {still sobbing one year on} we're left with the barren wasteland of David Jones Westfield. If, by some extraordinary stroke of luck you happen to stumble upon a salesperson you can be guaranteed that they do not normally work in the area in which you're looking so really, can't help you. So they'll take down your details and someone will call you back.

Or they won't.

So you'll call, and nobody will answer, until somebody does and they'll take a message.

Then apparently eat the paper because nobody calls you back. How can they? They don't have enough staff to serve the actual customer live in the store.

So I kept using my large pot, with dampened baking paper on top of the cooking so it felt like I had less space and kept everything moist and fabulous. Still coveting. Still bemoaning David Jones Hunter Street closing.

But today my inbox pinged with the Peters Of Kensington newsletter. With a sale. And the above very pretty Provence Blue {my name - but seriously, this is the colour of Provence skies - bliss} Chasseur pot for only $147. Considering the other one retails for over $400 this is seriously bargain-a-licious. And it'll last a lifetime and I'll use it weekly. And pass it onto my daughter on my deathbed. I will love it, I will pet it, I will call it...


Ordered in 3 minutes, shipped here for under $10 and I'll be cooking in it by the weekend.

So, tell me again Gerry Harvey WHY I should shop in-store?

PS: Knock on my door at 11am - it's my delivery. Yep, less than 24 hour turnaround. And oh, it's SO PRETTY in person. Just perfect for cooking's tonight's pilaf with the leftover chicken with 40 cloves of garlic {recipe going on other blog it was OMGood.}

Monday, January 09, 2012

meal planning monday

Why hello there, how's your monday treating you? I'm determined to have a good week this week, so here's what's on the menu plan:

Monday: We're off to my mother-in-law's for dinner tonight for dinner with our English family before they head back home on the weekend.

Tuesday: I seem to keep ordering garlic from Aussie Farmers and then forgetting to use it, so tonight we'll have chicken with 40 cloves of garlic for dinner. Ha - that'll use it up. *Update: OH MY GOD - best chicken meal EVER. Please make it.

Wednesday: I'll make a pilaf with the leftover chicken from last night's dinner.

Thursday: Off to a bbq to say farewell to OS relatives {why yes, it is a long goodbye - but they're worth it}. I'm taking a salad, roasted vegies and couscous I think.

Friday: Would you believe my gal's been requesting meatloaf? So I'll make her one.

Saturday: I've been inspired by Jamie's 30 minute meals {finally got around to watching the series I had recorded} I'm dead keen to try his lamb and pistachio kofta - actually, I think that was from Jamie at Home, nevermind, it's a Jamie Oliver recipe...

Sunday: Really? Sunday night already? I'm going to do a twist on a roast and make salmon en papillote. Yum.