Tuesday, February 28, 2012


I am now officially in love with Kelly Osborne's lavender hair. And combined with that gorgeous soft lemon frock? Fabulous. Paired with the always-glorious Dita? Le sigh.

everything's better with a cape

Actually, the title of this post could technically be a lie as this dress was even more smokin' on stage without the cape - but damn, how cool would life be wearing a cape like this every day?

Whether you're living out superhero fantasies or princess dreams, cape are certainly the ideal accoutrement. Can't believe I neglected to post this yesterday. I broke into spontaneous applause when I saw it yesterday {alone, on the couch - hey, you'd do it too} and I tweeted joyously about it - but blog? I did not.

So here, I give you the cape, the frock, Tom Ford and Gwyneth - officially a match made in some kind of delicious sartorial heaven.

ps: check out the face of lady in the background with black bottom, sparkly silver top. Yep.

kate spade lippy

I do love Kate Spade, there's just something about her aesthete that makes me happy. And you know what'd make me really happy? This supercalifragilipstick {best. name. ever}

Monday, February 27, 2012

frocktastic oscars

I'm calling it: best Oscars frock show ever.

PS: Emma Stone presenting with Ben Stiller? Fabulous. Love her.

red carpet michelle williams - love

The best frocks always cause division and perhaps a wee bit of derision - but this, this I love. Can't imagine anyone else carrying it off - but oh, that colour, the frills, that wee little bow. Love. Apparently it's Louis Vuitton - well played.

So far, other looks I'm loving are Jessica Chastain, who went with black, heavily, heavily embroidered with gold, and Melissa McCarthy - in a frock that didn't play it safe.

George Clooney's gal Stacey Kiebler also wore a Marchesa frock that made my heart sing with it's colour and texture - liquid, molten gold.

meal planning monday

Okay, well, the gal's room is painted! Yep, two coats on the ceiling and cornices, two undercoats to hide the deep pink walls and then two coats of pretty pale blue {not too dissimilar to the chairs in this pic actually...} Now we've just got the tough bit - moving everything back in. Eek. We just moved all the heavy furniture to the middle of the room, and last night we pushed that back, but now we've got the whole bring everything else back in. Eep. At least it's looking pretty. Pics to come when complete.

This week here's the plan:
Monday: Something light. Like a maniac I cooked up beef bourgignon last night for dinner, as you do when you've been painting all weekend. Eedjit. So, tonight it's salmon on the bbq and salad.

Tuesday: There's a year 7 info night at our gal's school, and we both want to attend, so I'm asking my in-laws down to look after the gal while we go. Sure, she's probably old enough to stay on her own, but it'll be dark, let's not ask her to do that. For dinner? It'll be early, so something easy. Perhaps steak and salad.

Wednesday: Netball fitness training for my gal and her team. She'll be a hungry hippo afterwards. Best do her some pasta. Perhaps chicken bolognaise.

Thursday: Ballet - late. Caramelised pork loin, wilted asian greens and ramen noodles. Mmmmm.

Friday: Fish and chips, or thai takeaway, I'm going to be tired. I just know it.

Saturday: My mum and step-dad fly in from Melbourne for 10 days - yay! I'll make some roasted pumpkin and goat cheese quesadillas. {and chicken and cheese ones for my pumpkin-loathing child}

Sunday: Big bbq, with lots of roasted veggies for my vegetarian parents. And haloumi. Mmmmmm.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

painting days

We've got a busy weekend planned - painting our gal's bedroom. Yes, high school means that the pretty pink primary school bedroom is out the window - and in with the Frenchy ice blue bedroom. Wish us luck...

Friday, February 24, 2012

Thursday, February 23, 2012

oscars soiree anyone?

You know how I love an awards season - well, obviously the Elizabeth Taylor-esque jewel in the season is The Oscars. It's where the stylists save all the best frocks {what movies? It's totally about the frocks - and the odd tux...}

So guess how excited I was to see this clever idea - red carpet frocks on the big screen. Clever! Sadly I'll be working, but if it's on next year I think I'll grab a gang of gals and frock up.

Who's your prediction for best frock? I am DYING to see Michelle Williams, but am hoping there'll be some gasp-worthy-gorgeousness on display.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

smart shoe storage

So, we've paid for the new wardrobe and it'll be delivered in about a week or so - squeeeee! Now, as I said, it's the perfect size for our bedroom wall - almost like it was made for it - but there's a gap of around 40cm. Which, is pretty perfect as there's a space of adjoining wall next to our door that's just crying out for something like this!

Picture rails for hanging your heels - hello - perfection.

Monday, February 20, 2012

meal planning monday

Wow, what a weekend. We did nothing - but everything. We've been slowly working our way through the house getting things organised. Cleaning out heaps of STUFF. For a while now we've been thinking of getting a built-in wardrobe in our bedroom. It's a massive room, and our 1920s wardrobe just isn't cutting it for storage space. But oh, the cost! See, I don't want melamine doors - I want real timber. And inside I don't want plastic - again, I want timber. And that's mighty expensive - like, a trip to Paris expensive. So hubby thought outside the square and went on ebay. Last night we won this massive wardrobe, complete with shoe racks and made from solid timber - for a song. Oh, a song. It's got incredible detailing on the doors so once we paint it, it'll look so gorgeous and French. V excited! Photos will come.

But enough about storage, let's discuss food.

Monday: My tarragon is currently in a war with mint to see who can take over the veggie garden {just quietly, I think mint'll win}. So I'm going to hack some off and make tarragon chicken for dinner tonight. Served with a creamy polenta and glazed carrots.

Tuesday: Netball general meeting tonight, so I'll prepare an early dinner of Spaghetti Bolognaise. It's also the gal's loooooooong ballet lesson - 5.15 to 7.15 - she'll need sustenance.

Wednesday: You know those lemongrass and garlic prawns I bought from Aussie Farmers last week? So good, so I bought some more. Served on a bed of sushi rice and accompanied by greens cooked in garlic, with some soy and almonds - yum.

Thursday: Leg of lamb with a lentil salad tonight I think.

Friday: We're off to dinner at the local bowling club with our group of friends from school. Kids and parents shall have a ball.

Saturday: Pork ribs on the bbq.

Sunday: Roast - probably chicken. Last night I didn't get organised enough to make a roast, instead we had homemade burgers made by the gal. She seasoned the patties liberally with herbs from the garden and they were DELISH.

Okay, and that's it for me. Oooh, except how cool would it be to own a polka dot Aga? Wouldn't cooking be an absolute joy?

Saturday, February 18, 2012

i love tiffany

There's just something about that little blue box isn't there? Tiffany is a brand that I'll always adore. And now, guess what? They've added a new precious metal to their range - Rubedo {or, as I read on French Vogue Le nouveau métal précieux de Tiffany & Co.}

I adore rose gold. My wedding band's rose gold, and I think any special jewellery I've received since I was 18 is rose gold.

Hmmm, can you imagine the prettiness of popping open a Tiffany blue box to discover rose gold inside?

Friday, February 17, 2012

flowers for friday

I don't know about you - but this week I really NEED a riotous bunch of fabulous fleurs.

There, feel better already.

my week with marilyn

I am dead-keen to check out My Week With Marilyn. Love Michelle Williams - and cannot wait to see what she wears to the Oscars {10 days and counting - squeeeeeee}

I think a trip to the cinema's in order this weekend. Don't you?

Thursday, February 16, 2012

favourite love story

I just LOVE a good love story. LOVE IT. Given a choice of movies I will always choose something that makes my heart sing. Now, I may have given you a bit of a hint with the image above - but oh, The Notebook. Yes please.


I do not think I've ever cried so much in a montage as I did in this one in Up. Damn, beautiful, and damn, sad. But lovely. Just lovely. {Oops, getting teary}

What? Shut up - I love this movie. "Whoopsie daisies". How cute is Hugh? Cute. But it's not just them I love - it's all the peripheral love stories. The man who carries his wife upstairs? Gorgeous. Kooky sister and kookier flatmate? Gorgeous.

A classic {and whoops, yes, Hugh Grant does seem to feature again...}

And so, so many more.

This is part of day 15 of the Love 29 Days challenge. Tell me, what's your fave love story?

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

wish I were here

Fabulous vintage painting on my bedroom wall. Ah, there's no place like Paris...

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

a day of love

Awww, Valentines Day - I do love a celebration that revolves around lovehearts and the colours red and pink. The Love 29 Days challenge denotes today as a day of love - and who am I to argue? I'll be diving into it by loving everything I do.

Have a happy, lovely day.

Monday, February 13, 2012

black, white and a hit of pink

Am LOVING Michelle Williams at the BAFTAs. She always rocks a classic look with an elfin twist. And those scarlet lips - oh my.

J'adore Tilda Swinton. This is as classic as I've ever seen her look - but she makes it work. Such a glorious shoulder line on this frock {is that a term? Should be}

Oh yes please Viola - this candy pink looks just fabulous on the red carpet - and on her.

And, of course, Mr Firth and his lovely wife Lydia. I do love a man in a good suit and I swear that this man wears a tux like no other.

Ah, award season - is there a better time of the year? I think not.

meal-planning monday

I've stocked up on my essentials now. Phew. So those pretty storage jars above are now filled with the requisite sugar, flour, coffee, pasta and tea. I feel better now. I also feel organised and ready for the week ahead. Here's what's happening:

Monday: my gal's home sick from school today. Poor little floss. I've got some chicken breast in the fridge, so I think I'll make chicken pies for dinner.

Tuesday: I know it's valentines day, but really, we don't do anything soppy to celebrate. Instead, we're having hubby's parents over for a sleepover. They've got a busy couple of days in Newcastle this week, so to save them driving back and forth I thought they should spend a night here in the guest room. I'll make shepherd's pie for dinner - easy, and it's my father-in-law's fave.

Wednesday: I bought some lemongrass and chilli prawns from Aussie Farmers this week. We'll have them with some asian greens and ramen noodles for dinner tonight.

Thursday: Ballet's back {well, officially it's back on Tuesday - but that was a busy day to describe} so we'll have pork sausages {again from Aussie Farmers} with mash, peas and crushed carrots.

Friday: I have a photo exhibition opening to attend {oooh la la}. One of the speakers from TEDxNewy, Conor Ashleigh, has an exhibition opening at the library and I'm keen to check out his work. He's a young lad who's intensely inspirational with a beautiful eye and a desire to tell stories that normally remain untold. Can't wait. We'll have homemade pizza either before, or after. I need to check twitter for opening times.

Saturday: I didn't get around to a bbq last weekend, so I'll do it this weekend. Steaks, bernaise, salad.

Sunday: We had a red wine and pepper marinated beef roast last week. This week it's back to roast chicken I think.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

pantry essentials

We had flash flooding here yesterday afternoon. It was incredible. My daughter and her friend were on their way home from school on the bus and the sky looked a threatening shade of grey/green. I texted my gal to ask if she wanted me to pick her up from the bus stop and she said 'only if it's raining'. Two minutes later there was a crack of thunder, so I grabbed my keys and ran to the door.

By the time I reached the bus stop in the car two blocks later it started bucketing, and bucketing, and hailing! I couldn't see 30cm in front of me. Luckily the girls were waiting in the newsagent, nice and dry. By the time I picked them up and drove home I couldn't park the car - the roads had flooded knee deep with water and I couldn't park and open the doors, so we went to Coles and luckily the rains stopped.

But it got me worried as it rained heavily again in the night. I'm not ready for another flood {as if you're ever ready, but hear me out}. My pantry is bare. When we had the last flood I easily had enough food to last us for a week. This time, I'd be lucky to scrape up a meal. I need to do a real shop as I'm out of all the essentials: no cereal, no sugar, no flour, no pasta. I'm staple-free.

My gal loves baking, and I love that she can look up a recipe and whip up pretty much anything from the pantry. I always have a good array of baking ingredients. But now I'm out of caster sugar, out of vanilla paste and have no flour.

I need to get to the shops. Oh, and I also need a pretty piece of vintage lace to put up in my pantry window - prettiness!